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Horrible Ordering experience with Supervisor

I placed an order for a Samsung washer that was showing as in stock at your local warehouses to me. The washer needed to be installed and the earliest date of install/delivery was 9/12. My order stated it would be delivered between 7am and 1pm on 9/12 and I even received an auto email the night before about the upcoming delivery. 9/12 arrives and its 2pm and no call and no updates, so I call into Best Buy via customer service phone number to get assistance. 


I first spend 40 mins waiting for a callback. Once I receive the callback, the initial agent is not able to help other than offering to escalate and that I will hear back in 48 hrs. Not being a sufficient answer, I ask to speak with a supervisor. I wait another 7 mins to speak with a "supervisor". He then informs me that even though the washer is in stock at all of the local warehouses, Best Buy chose instead to order this direct from Samsung and they do no expect to receive the washer until 9/28! wow! from that point, its another 1-2 weeks out for scheduled delivery. The supervisor offered no additional assistance. did not offer to set up the order to be picked up from a local store; did not offer to a similar product that is in stock and could be delivered sooner. He did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation and showed no care or concern. I spent 1 total of an hour and 23 mins on the phone between the agent and the supervisor with no resolution.


To top all of that off, towards the end of my conversation with the Supervisor, since he clearly didn't know how to do his job or to assist me, started to fake that his phone was cutting out, clearly cupping is hand off and on over the speaker to simulate reception was cutting. out. I repeated mentioned how unprofessional it was. By the way, your "supervisor" sounded like he was on a cell phone sitting outside somewhere because I could hear the wind noise and faint traffic sounds in the distance. Very pitiful service and zero assistance. 


Needless to say, I was able to call up yesterday and cancel my order because I already placed an order with one of your competitors and it is being delivered on 9/16. Four days from order to delivery, now THAT'S SERVICE!  


I would love to speak with an actual manager to discuss how poor this experience was for me. I'm a very long time Best Buy Elite member, but after this debacle, I can't say I would look to Best Buy again for a major appliance. Maybe Best Buy can only handle items under $50 that are in the store? 



Very Unsatisified Elite Customer