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Horrible Experience (First time customer)

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I wanted write my experience with best buy so that it will be lesson for others.

My name is Kristina {removed per forum guidelines}

I ordered dishwasher, range oven, range hood, washer, dryer on Oct 13, 2020 from and I paid with credit card.
before ordering it i searched homedepot, loews, pcrichard and amazon and decided on bestbuy because they seemed to be more reliable then others. Prices were almost identical , there were only few dollars difference if i bought it from

first they did not schedule the delivery saying its not available at this time and it will be scheduled later then next day its scheduled to January 2021 , which is crazy so i called and they offered to split the delivery into 2 deliveries so that it can be nov 24 for oven, hood, dishwasher and dec 1 2020 for washer and dryer , i got a good deal so i accepted it since i paid it already. 

I waited 41 days and on the 41th day I received a text message at 4 am saying there is problem with the oven delivery that i should call bestbuy.

I called them at 10 am and lady on geek squad told me that oven is not in stock even in manufacturer so that i wont be getting it today but good news i am getting everything else today. by 1pm.

I see the bestbuy website order updated to everything coming today except the oven.
I called my professional installer guy and scheduled for installation of all the appliances next day.

12:45 pm a truck parks and the delivery rings the bell and they told me that they only have dishwasher and hood but not the washer, dryer or oven. He keeps showing a paper which the 3 items were crossed and telling me he doesn't have it in the truck.

I called bestbuy again and explained the situation that i should have gotten all the items except the oven which i spoke earlier and also showing to be delivered today on the website as well, they told me that their system is showing for washer and dryer delivery for 1st of december and oven they cannot even schedule it because they do not have it. i asked for a supervisor and she told me that someone will call me. 

3pm nobody called, i called bestbuy 2 times and each time before agent connects , they hang up or somehow line disconnects, third time they answered and told me basically same thing that their system is showing delivery for 1st of december and they cannot do anything else. so again i asked for supervisor and they put me on hold and then line disconnected again.

After frustration and nervous break down , i decided to calm down and think about this later time.

9 pm , i just saw a message that they have canceled the oven and they will refund the purchase .

(same item is now 999usd , I bought it 40 days ago for 725 because of multiple same brand and additional discounts)

here are my questions

1- why best buy is selling items  that they do not have in stock and saying they will deliver it 40 days later?

2- why best buy is telling me that they do not have the item on the delivery date? 

3- why best buy is canceling and item without my consent or asking me?

4- why the website is showing different information about the order then the one when we call the agent and they are telling their system is showing them differently.

5- when am i gonna get my items that i waited for 41 days and still not delivered.

6- who is paying for all the extra costs like my professional installation and price difference of the canceled item.

here is what i am gonna do ,
i will file a complaint with best buy corporate responsibility, better business bureu, financial protection agency, consumer affairs.
I will tell everyone about my story and post it on my social media platforms so that everyone can know about how best buy sells things.


Have a nice day.


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Re: Horrible Experience (First time customer)

Hey, llukka78,


Thank you for writing to us on our Best Buy Community Forums! Though we were it were under better circumstances, we appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention. Getting new appliances should be an exciting experience, so we can understand your concerns and frustration in trying to receive the products you ordered. We're happy to formally document this information, as well as your feedback, and take a deeper dive into this matter with you. Using the Private Message option in my signature below, can you send a Private Message with your full name, phone number, and email?


Kind regards,

Stephanie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Horrible Experience (First time customer)