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Horrible Communication

On March 7th I had a washer and dryer delivered. My apartment complex needed to install a new fixture before the gas dryer could be installed, so I had to reschedule. I made a new appointment for March 13th. I was told that the technician should arrive between 7-10 AM. I called best buy on the 12th to confirm that my appointment was still on, they assured me that it was. I had to be at work this morning, so my father came over to wait for the tech to show up. I had not heard from anyone, so I called Best Buy back and spoke to someone who assured that the appointment was still going according to plan. I then spoke to someone at XPO who made a call to the installation company directly. She informed me that they would be arriving at my house in 30 mins, and I was the next appointment of the day. My father had an appointment, so I left work early to head home. I sat at home for 3 hours and didn't hear a thing. So, I called Best Buy again. This time, I was connected with someone at XPO who said I never had an appointment scheduled for today, and insinuated that I was lying when I told her I had spoken to multiple people who verified the appointment. I have a dryer sitting here, collecting dust, and a massive pile of laundry! I am so let down and angry. This is not acceptable!