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Horrendous "installation" experience - support needed

I purchased a refrigerator to be installed today. The installation time window I received was from 2:00 p.m. To 6:00 p.m. The delivery drivers did not arrive until after 7:00 p.m.

From the moment they arrived at the location they did not want to complete the job and I was given excuse after excuse. They initially refused to take it off the truck, then they refused to install the refrigerator. They called their supervisor and the supervisor used racial slurs against my family. The drivers phone was so loud she could be heard, she didn't know we could hear her.

They refused to install the fridge after placing it in my living room. Then they refused to put it back on the truck and wanted to leave it in my living room. After arguing with them they reluctantly took it back on the truck.

I called Geek Squad TWICE with no resolution. The first support agent lied to me and the second support agent disconnected on me. You record those calls, go listen to them.

The drivers were running late today and wanted to save time. They had absolutely no intention of fulfilling this order today. The only solution they wanted was one that let them leave the quickest.

I want a full refund on this order to my original payment method(credit card).

I want compensation for the wasted time, lost expenses, and frustration this experience has caused.

I want to speak with a supervisor to submit a formal complaint against these installers.

I will no longer be purchasing any appliance products nor installation services from Best Buy.
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Re: Horrendous "installation" experience - support needed

This order has now been cancelled. Please disregard, thank you.