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Home Damage - Unsatisfactory Resolution

I purchased a Samsung 65” Q9 (expensive TV) and had it installed by Geek Squad two days after Christmas. The installers drilled 2 holes through a 3” sewer drain pipe in my living room wall (upstairs bathrooms drain). They didn’t seem to notice their drill bit was full of PVC pipe. Rather than stop and fix issue, they simply put anchors into the holes and mounted the TV. After 4 showers and multiple uses of the toilets, water, human waste was pouring out of my living room wall. The drywall, carpet, pad, baseboard, basement insulation were all contaminated and beyond repair. After a month of clean up, new carpet, wall repairs, paint, etc, all bills have been submitted to Sedgwick. Waiting for payment.

Due to the multiple days of leaving work to allow contractors entry, trips to pick out and order carpet and paint, etc., loss of the use of our main room (torn up) during the holidays we assumed Best Buy/Geek Squad would make it right with us. After all, we had just bought a $3000 TV. The TV had gotten wet as urine and feces were spewing out of my wall. Sedgwick recommended we return the TV which we did.

I inquired with Sedgwick how to submit claim for punitive damages. They said to contact customer care.

After taking to the sales manager, store manager, Geek Squad district field manager, and a resolution specialist at the Corp office in MN, the offer is $200 off the current price of a new TV. $200 does not even come close to the lost time from work, loss of use of a large portion of our home over the holidays, etc. This experience has been so horrible. Looking for suggestions on next steps.