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Highly Upset about TV Purchase

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I bought an LG TV online through and it was delivered on 4/30/21 through Best Buy Delivery. I opted not to have Best Buy mount the TV and instead of went through a third party.  When I was looking at upgrading my master bedroom TV, I chatted with TWO Best Buy product specialists.  I was told that one TV I was looking at (a Samsung) and the TV I purchased (LG) were both compatible with Alexa and both were able to get HBO Max. As stupid as it may sound to some, these were my two important features. No matter what the TV had (or didn't have), these two features were mandatory.


I had my TV mounted yesterday, great picture, set it up....but....NO LG TV's can get HBO Max.  I immediately messaged Best Buy on the chat. The first representative I got said, well, they could exchange. I told him the TV was mounted and he said no problem...we will take down and then put exchange TV on wall.  The problem was, he could not confirm for me which TV's had both HBO Max and Alexa compatibility.  So I was transferred MULTIPLE TIMES to different reps to try to help, none could help, finally one rep showed me a Samsung TV for twice as much money, but I was like fine, whatever. 


Today, I try to get the order exchange process started and then I was told that the TV the rep told me about last night was not in stock.  Okay, now what?  I'm transferred to several reps again.  Then I finally get a rep and we choose a Toshiba TV for the same price as my LG that he says has both Alexa and HBO Max.  Then we set up exchange. I'm told that Best Buy will not take down old TV or mount new TV without a minimum of $199 from me.  That is not what I was told, but then everything went down hill from there.


I had a case set up with a case ID  {removed per forum guidelines} and I called per instructions from representative. They could not set up installation, even with a payment from me. I have two issues.


I would not have chosen LG TV if it were not for two representatives telling me that this tv had both features I requested.  This was due to misinformation by Best Buy


Best Buy originally told me they would take care of installation and remounting, but then reneged on offer.


I feel that Best Buy should either compensate the installation and reinstallation (and actually, the only thing that has to be reinstalled is the brackets on the back of the TV, the mount is already on wall, or they should provide a fire stick, or Roku, to make my TV compatible with features I was told it would have initially. A $400 TV purchase has turned out to be a huge headache. I had one representative give me a video on how to get HBO Max on LG TV, and the video literally said buy a Firestick or Roku. I had another rep tell me, well, you didn't even protect your TV.  Instead of giving me information on what to do or how to do it, I'm talked down to.


I could have spent my money literally anywhere and I chose Best Buy. I did not buy the most expensive TV, but I just wanted to get what I purchased. There would have been zero issue with TV had it had the features I was told it woudl have.

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Re: Highly Upset about TV Purchase

Hello, cindy31ga,


Thank you for visiting our online community. The purchase of a new television should be a seamless process. Often, our customers request support, when making this type of investment. There are quite a few options available, and certain features may be limited to specific models. Our Blue Shirts are great resources, when it comes to providing expert advice, so it is surprising to learn the model you purchased did not have the capabilities you had discussed. While an exchange may be possible, if the television were mounted by an external source, it stands to reason you would be seeking guidance and support.


I would love to learn more about this, as well as offer any assistance I'm able. If you would please send a Private Message, I can collect the necessary information. To get started, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.



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