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HORRIBLE experience and refusal to install

I ordered (and was fully charged for) a washer/dryer unit on Aug 31. My delivery/installation/haul away was first scheduled for September 3. The crew came early and discovered that the dryer latch was missing so the door would not shut. I appreciated them catching that before bringing it up to my 2nd floor apartment and they called customer service so that it could be re-scheduled before they even left my driveway. They were great and really helpful.


My second delivery was scheduled for Sept 8, with arrival between 9-1 pm ET. The delivery crew did not arrive until 1:30, which I didn't have a problem with. I understand how things can get backed up. From the beginning it was clear that this experience was not going to be as smooth (even though the first unit was broken!) as my first delivery appointment. This crew was rude, aggressive, disrespectful, and clearly didn’t want to fulfill what they were HIRED to do — and that I had already PAID Best Buy for. 


  1. They pulled up in a huge Ryder truck down my one way street. I made sure to move cars so there were open spots in front of my house for them to park. Instead they stopped in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET and proceeded to open the back to unload. As cars came down the street and had to wait, delivery person #1 refused to get off the truck when delivery person #2 pointed to the truck and the cars (this exchange was entirely in Spanish, which I am not fluent in, but know enough to get the gist -- and there were plenty of hand gestures to figure out what the discussion was) because he was on his way to come into my house to see where the appliance was going to go. They went back and forth for a while, until delivery person #2 went to the truck to move it himself. Delivery person #1 still stood on the flatbed of the open truck while this happened.
  2. Delivery person #2 then came into my house so I could show him where to bring the washer/dryer. I noted in my order that we were on the 2nd floor and there was a set of stairs to bring the unit up into. The minute he came upstairs, he audibly sighed and shook his head. I have had washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, couches -- big things -- all moved into my 2nd floor via these back stairs (that are completely straight -- no turns in the middle!) for the past 20 years without an issue or complaint from the delivery crew.  We also measured the opening and stairwell to compare it with the dimensions of the appliance we just bought to ensure that it would fit. IT DOES.
  3. I showed him the closet where we kept our washer and dryer. This is the 3rd washer and dryer going into and out of this closet, so I know that a washer and dryer can be installed in this space. Again, shaking of the head and big sigh. 
  4. I told him that the last crew took the door off its hinges, and he could do the same, if that’s easier. He did.
  5. Delivery person #1 came in and clearly did not think the washer/dryer could be moved in. He walked up and down, talking to his colleague in Spanish, shaking his head, pulling out a measuring tape and throwing up his hands. Delivery person #2 responded, shook his head in return and rolled his eyes. Clearly indicating that this was going to happen. This went on for an extended period of time, at which point, delivery person #1 left my house.
  6. Delivery person #2 pulled my broken washer and dryer out of the closet. Moved to the back to shut the water off and take the hose out. He immediately called me over to tell me that the water valve wasn’t turning off. He demonstrated by pulling at the hose slightly and a small drip of water fell out.
  7. I said that we’ve never had a problem with the water valve before and noted that it was probably just water that was remaining in the hose, not that the water was still flowing — WHICH HAS BEEN THE CASE BEFORE. He shook his head at me and lectured that it was broken and he couldn’t install the new washer unless the water was shut off.
  8. I responded that we could shut off the water to the house at the main, in the basement. Would that solve the problem? He said yes, but he was not going to touch the main because if anything happened, then he would be held liable for it. Which I COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD. I said that I would call my husband, who was on his way home at that point anyway, to do it.
  9. At which point, delivery person #2 told me that he only had 20 MINUTES allocated to him for this delivery/installation/haul away and he couldn’t wait any longer because he was running late. He showed me his delivery manifest and pointed out that they were only supposed to be in my house until 12:34 p.m. I pointed out that they didn’t even arrive until 1:30.
  10. He told me that he had customers calling him for their deliveries and they had to keep moving. I could return the appliance and re-schedule or they could bring the unit in and an installation person could come back another time. I had to decide NOW.
  11. At this point, flustered and confused, I asked him what was the quickest way to get a working washer/dryer in my house. Reschedule everything or have them move it in and install. He said reschedule everything.
  12. I said I need a few minutes to think this through and walked with him outside to the truck. When I saw that his colleague had taken the appliance out of the box and it was on the dolly in the street, I said, since you already have it off the truck, just move it in. Maybe my husband will be here in time to shut the water off so it can be installed.
  13. He shook his head at me, rolled his eyes, and said no, he needed to go. There was no time.
  14. Feeling like I had no options, I asked him if he was going to call customer service to let them know what was happening to facilitate another appointment. He said he would call. He didn’t. He started to move toward the truck to get in. I asked again. I pointed out that the last delivery crew called in right away, while they were still in my house, to make sure there were no mistakes in any re-scheduling that had to happen.
  15. After the third time pointing that out, he called customer service. He then handed his phone to me to talk to them.
  16. I asked him what the most expedient way to get a working washer/dryer was since it was now 10 days since I ordered — and paid — for my new appliance and had TWO delivery crews at my house. He said they should deliver the unit into my home because scheduling installation was easier without the delivery as they would not have to coordinate as large a truck.
  17. I told delivery person #2 what he said and that they can move the machine in. 
  18. He argued with me about this. But eventually, he spoke to his colleague about getting the machine into my house. 
  19. Then they argued with each other, but eventually they got it out of the truck.
  20. At this point, my husband arrived and he said he would turn the water off. The water was off — and confirmed off — before they even brought the washer/dryer to my back door.
  21. They brought the appliance into my kitchen on the second floor. And dropped it in the middle of my kitchen, in front of my pantry (where all of my food is kept!) and said they were leaving. We would have to get someone else to install it and haul away the old machines.
  22. My husband and I both said, no, you said if the water was off, then the installation could happen. You’ve already delivered the appliance — you have to finish the job. That’s what we paid for.
  23. He said no. He was only supposed to be here for 20 minutes and this would take him 2 HOURS and he had to go to his next customer.
  24. I said that scheduling gave him 20 minutes to deliver/install/haul away, so how is it all of a sudden a 2 hour job?
  25. He shook his head at me and said he wasn’t going to install it.
  26. My husband offered to help him with the installation and haul away to get this done faster.
  27. He shook his head and told him he didn’t have the skills to do that.
  28. Now we were both astonished, disheartened, and frankly upset that this was happening. We said this was the job. He had to finish what he was hired to do and the machine was already in the house. And that all this time spent arguing was time that could have been spent FINISHING THE JOB.
  29. He said no. He had to go.
  30. He left. My husband followed him to his truck to continue to try to convince him to come back and finish what he was HIRED TO DO.
  31. He called his supervisor. He said he was told it was okay to leave.
  32. My husband talked to his supervisor. His supervisor hung up on him.
  33. And they drove away.


At which point, I called customer service, who asked why I was calling because the job was done. I said no, so clearly the system was updated inaccurately. She said she would fix that but it had to go to another department to update, and that I would get an email to reschedule. I received the email and when I went into the system, found out the earliest date the automated system gave me for installation and haul away was mid-October. So I called customer service again in the evening. And was told I had to call someone else to get the installation scheduled, after being on hold for 40 minutes and speaking with someone for 10. Which I did. And was told the earliest appointment they could get me was September 14. I asked, given the circumstances — which she was very understanding of and sympathetic about — there was any way this could be solved sooner. She said no, because everyone was already booked.


Now, if talking to a person can get an earlier appointment than the automated system, that implies there IS a fair amount of flexibility built in.


Regardless, I took the appointment SO I WOULD HAVE IT, and then asked if it was clearly stated that the next appointment required that all of the accessories I purchased would be delivered (those remained in their truck), along with the installation ,and haul away of my broken washer and dryer. She said she would add a note. WHICH IS NOT REASSURING.


I also asked for confirmation that a different crew would come next time. I was told that they have no control over who the next crew is — even thought I explicitly asked that this crew (crew id 726_41C) never come back to my house again because they were so hostile to me and ineffective — because they contract with a third party and the earliest a Best Buy crew come come is the middle of October. But they would add a note.


Really? I have a hard time believing that a major company that is dedicated to customer service does not have access to assigning crews, REGARDLESS of who they are since they all ultimately work for Best Buy, making them the responsibility of Best Buy to manage. Furthermore, I would expect that all personnel follow COVID-precautions, including mask-wearing inside — which the first crew did. NEITHER person yesterday wore a mask. Or social-distanced from me or my husband.  Is this really how Best Buy is managing delivery during a global pandemic? 


This was the WORST appliance delivery experience I have ever had. I purposely chose to purchase this from Best Buy because the appliance I wanted was available and timely and I had previously had good experiences with Best Buy. For my “inconvenience” the 3rd customer service agent offered me an $85 Best Buy gift card. Not acceptable.


What I would like is to have my washer/dryer installed ASAP, before September 14, with all of my accessories delivered at that time, properly installed, and my old washer and dryer taken away, completing the service I paid for. Without the aggression and attitude I received at my 2nd appointment.


And if the same crew shows up at my house, I will cancel the entire order on the spot, you will remove the unit from my house, and I will purchase it from one of your competitors instead. Because at the very least, Best Buy should ensure that your employees (regardless of whether they are a contracted third-party or not) treat your customers respectfully.

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Re: HORRIBLE experience and refusal to install

Hello, raqghe,


Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your recent delivery appointments. It is always nice to hear from one of our loyal patrons, although what you’ve described is not a reflection of the expectations we have in place. Our goal is to make the delivery process seamless, which is typically the outcome. It sounds like the first team who arrived conducted themselves in a professional manner, although it is clear that was not the case, during the second appointment. There are several factors that I want to be sure are addressed. I understand why you would want this to be resolved, in a timely manner. While I’m unsure if a sooner service date would be available, this is something I’d like to further investigate.


So I may access the order details, please send a Private Message. For verification purposes, please be sure to include your full name, email address, and telephone number. I will be out of the office the next two days. If you do not receive an immediate response, I will get back to you, on Sunday.


To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. I look forward to working with you.



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