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On 2/12, I had a delivery and installation scheduled to replace my Insignia washer. The Best Buy technicians that arrived were Danny and Harlem. They attempted to replace my washer, however, stated they couldn't because my cold water valve was broken. They stated that even though it was in the off position water was still coming out. I asked them if it was turned off all the way and they assured me that it was. They quickly stated they couldn't do the job and that I needed to call a Plumber to fix it. To add insult to injury, they offered to leave the replacement washer in my garage, come to find out it was damaged on the side, in which Danny chuckled about while informing me. Upon their departure, I immediately called a plumber to come out to hopefully resolve the issue. When the plumber arrived, in literally 1 minute he turned off the cold water valve and the water stopped. He stated they did not turn the valve off all the way. For whatever reason, Danny and Harlem did not want to do their job. They lied and said my valve was broken and they insisted that I call a Plumber when I didn't need to. Best Buy this is unacceptable. Your technicians are a reflection of the Company. This honestly made me never want to conduct business with Best Buy ever again. It was malicious and inhumane for Danny and Harlem to blatantly lie to get out of completing a job. Corporate, you need to address this matter in your Hiram location or you will continue to lose business. Also, if I am charged for the bogus service call to the Plumber I will escalate to the highest management level within in Best Buy.