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Giving folks advance warning about doing business with Best Buy

On November the 11th, 2018 at 6:32 pm, we purchased a Samsung Flex Wash Dual Washer and Samsung Flex Wash Dual Dryer for an out the door total of $2, 998.42.


On November the 19th, 2018, our Washer and Dryer were delivered, but the delivery team pointed out to us and noted in paperwork, that there were significant scratches and a dent to the washer.  It was suggested that we keep the damaged washer as a loaner while the replacement was ordered. We accepted that scenario.


On December the 18th, we were scheduled to be delivered the washer to replace the washer that was delivered in a damaged state.  I received a call from the delivery person, who said that he had unpackaged the washer at the warehouse, as its packaging was damaged, and discovered that this washer was also dented significantly. He suggested that he simply direct customer service to place yet another order for a washer and that he not deliver the 2nd damaged unit to us.  We agreed to that.


As of December the 26th, we were scheduled to have a 3rd washer delivery on the 27th.  Given that the delivery would require a 3rd half day off of work, I called Customer Service and asked if we could, rather than have a 3rd try at a non-damaged washer, receive some reasonable compensation and some form of written acknowledgement that our full factory and extended warranty would remain in full effect.  We were told that all we could receive was a roughly $100 Best Buy gift card.  As we had spent nearly $3,000 on this transaction, that was not perceived as equitable and we asked that the delivery continue.


On December 27th, two delivery workers arrived and removed the damaged washer. Unfortunately, one of the delivery workers appeared unprepared to deal with water coming out of the stainless steel hoses and flipped the ends of the hoses onto our new dryer, thereby scratching and putting a nick into the acrylic lid of the dryer.  As the two workers were placing the new washer into our laundry room, my wife pointed out the damage done to the dryer. The delivery person who created the damage refuted it, while the other delivery person told him that they should always take photos prior to installation.  The first delivery person said, verbatim, “ what, I am going to take a picture of a dryer?”. He then looked at me and said, “this delivery is done and I am going to take a picture and go talk to Dispatch”. At that point, the new washer was half way in the laundry room and half way into our hallway, still had packing type on various pieces and no hoses installed.  About 10 minutes later, the first delivery person knocked on our front door. I answered and was informed that “the installation is over and he would be filling out paperwork that I could review and sign or not sign”.  After another 10 minutes passed and he had not returned, I walked down my driveway and looked up the street and it was apparent that he had simply driven away.  It is now December the 29th at 5:30 pm, and there is still a non-functioning washer obstructing both my hallway and the adjacent dryer.


Subsequent to the delivery person leaving, I spent over 2 hours talking with Best Buy Customer Service about finding a quick resolution to the problem of the washer in my hallway. At the conclusion of that process at 11am, I was told that I would get a direct call from a Customer Service Supervisor within an hour.  As of 3:20pm, I had not received a call. I was also told that I had been scheduled a Delivery Appointment to fix the situation for December the 29th, between 7am and 11am.   At this point my wife drove to the Elk Grove CA Best Buy to talk directly to a store manager. She was told that I would receive a Service Escalation call within 1 hour.  Likewise that call never materialized.   At 6:30 that evening, I received a call from someone who said I had been assigned a Case Manager, but that person was not available so she was calling for him.  When I mentioned that I had been assigned the December the 29th appointment between 7am and 11am, she said that she could not find that in the system, so she would verify that and call me back on the 28th to verify the appointment.  She also said that she would explore the ordering and installation of a replacement lid for the damaged dryer.


On December the 28th, at 4pm, not having received a call from the person who called at 6:30 pm the night before, I called the number back which she called me from (800-433-5778) and after a few minutes with your Automated Call Center tool, was routed to a live person.  That live person told me 1) that I had indeed been scheduled for someone to come out between 7am and 11am on the 29th, but someone had "unscheduled" the appointment.  There was no notation as to why someone did that, but it had occurred and my next available appointment was January the 2nd.  I did not accept that appointment.  She also told me that your Delivery Contractor had submitted a notation that the reason they left the Washing Machine in our hallway was because " I had locked them out of the house".  Again, as I mentioned above, the Delivery Contractor, after damaging our Dryer, ceased his installation and a few minutes later came and knocked on my door, which I answered and he then informed me that he was filling out paperwork which he would bring back up to me for signature.  After 10 minutes, I looked out the window, walked up the street and found that he and his partner had simply left.  Upon receiving information that our appointment had been cancelled by someone at Best Buy, my wife contacted a manager (Lorri) who said that we would see someone to fix our situation on December the 29th between 1pm and 3pm.


On December the 29th, at 3:10pm, in the absence of having a delivery/installation team show up at our home in the stated time frame, we contacted the manager from the previous night (Lorri) and asked for an update.  She called us back and informed us that the crew was at the appointment previous to us and they would call us within minutes with an update. At around 4:15pm, not having seen a delivery team, nor having received an update call, we again attempted to contact Lorri, who had left for the day.  At this point, our discussions with Marc commenced and after some diligent effort, he was able to determine that our delivery team and the dispatcher had chosen not to provide service to us today.


So, to summarize, in addition to the VAST number of unreturned phone calls and the cancelled appointments that we are not notified of:


  • I have taken 3 half days off work.
  • Gave up a half of a weekend day.
  • Missed my niece’s Engagement Party while waiting for the weekend service call that did not show up.
  • Spent about 5-6 hours on customer service calls.
  • Was delivered a damaged washer.
  • Was going to be delivered a second damaged washer, but the delivery person saw the damage at the warehouse.
  • Had my dryer damaged by the crew delivering the 3rd
  • Had that crew leave the 3rd washer inoperable and obstructing my hallway.
  • Been subjected to a myriad of lies by the crew delivering the 3rd

Pretty rough and costly experience all in all.



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Re: Giving folks advance warning about doing business with Best Buy

Hey ALS2019, 


I appreciate your patience and the level of detail you provided in both of your posts. Where I know you have been waiting patiently from our partners (store or corporate) in finding a resolution, I would be happy to provide any form of clarity and assistance to getting this experience back on track!


First, receiving damaged product is not the experience we'd want for any customer to have. We understand that having a working washer and dryer is an essential part to your everyday life, especially during the holidays. The items that we receive from the manufacturer, especially special-order pieces, are kept in their factory sealed boxes from the time they are received to the time we get the appliances inside your home. We do this to provide the best quality of care for the item and during its journey.


As for the delivery issue, I can get this in front of the local field leadership in your area and have them look at coaching this issue for the future. Since the situation that you described is not something we would want anyone to have, I want to make sure that this is addressed immediately to ensure this does not happen again. 


Even though I know that this has been a bit rough, I would like to get with the right partners in getting these issues resolved promptly. If you could please reply to the private message that you have sent with your name, phone number, email, delivery address, and the order number, I would be happy to start working on getting things put in place in no time.



Jarrett|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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