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Geek squad is a waste

I bought a TV roughly 7 months ago. Paid for the 2 year plan because it’s better safe than sorry. The tv now has dead pixels. I go to Best Buy and they said call geek squad, if they can’t fix it they’ll replace it. I go home and call. The tech comes to my house a day or 2 later. They see the screen has dead pixels and they say “it’s Toshiba and it’s less than a year old we’re not allowed to touch that brand it has to go through the manufacturer warranty”. The manufacturer is now working with me to send me a new TV.

I call geek squad because I wanna roll the plan over to the new TV. They tell me on the phone they can’t do that. I tell geek squad I want my money back then cause I paid for a plan that got me nothing other than someone telling me to call someone else. They process a partial refund. I disagree with that, I was told geek squad would fix or replace the tv and now they won’t even cover the new tv, I’m not paying another $70 for a plan that’s gonna give me the same issues. The representative tells me they will have someone call me back within two hours. Three hours later I had to call customer service back and be transferred multiple times to get to someone with more information.

At one point I’m told they submitted a claim to refund me the difference from the partial refund. Then another representative tells me no that’s not possible.

Geek squad took my money, told me they can’t help, told me they won’t roll over my plan, then said they can’t give me a full refund. I used to go to Best Buy for all my electronics but the customer service and miss information from everyone down to a sales representative and up to management at geek squad is horrendous. If I knew I would just get told to call the manufacturer I would have never spent the money in the first place. They shouldn’t even call it a 2 year plan since they only cover the second year.
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Re: Geek squad is a waste

The purchased plan only covers the original unit and does not extend to a replacement provided by the manufacturer.

Per the terms and conditions: Geek Squad Protection plans cover both the first and second year, but anything covered by the manufacturer in the first year will be handled by the manufacturer. Since the manufacturer ONLY covers defects in worksmanship or parts, Geek Squad would pick up any power surges or wear and tear issues for that first year and once the manufacturer’s warranty lapses Geek Squad would cover defects, as well as surges and wear and tear on year two.

During the return/exchange period, the protection is able to be returned for the full price. Once outside of the return period, you can return the plan for the remainder of the plan in a prorated amount. Because your tv was covered with protection for those 7 months, your plan would be prorated and would be returned for the remaining 17 months.

This is a summary of the terms and conditions on the plan you purchased. If you deleted the email that was sent, you can still view the t&c’s using this link:
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Re: Geek squad is a waste

Hi there, Gcarty98,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on Best Buy Forums, and welcome to our online community.


Our super user, jdogg836 has provided an accurate explanation of the Terms & Conditions of your Geek Squad Protection Plan. Geek Squad Protection enhances your manufacturer warranty and gives you extended coverage when the warranty ends. In general, parts and coverage available under the manufacturer's warranty are not covered by the Plan.


I hope this helps!

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