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Geek Squad Installation

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Defective Product: Viper Remote Start and the Security Alarm

Chakiris {removed per forum guidelines}
Sun 3/10/2019 10:28 PM
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Hello, Within a two month period, I had several attempts to have installed the viper remote start and twice the opportunity failed due to store errors based on wrong product installation and installers not available with no follow up. Traveling to various places for Best Buy locations to get an installation placed in the car only to find out that my appointment was canceled and no one called or the product to put on was not placed in the system to be installed and the appointment had to be rescheduled each time. Moreover, after finally getting the product placed on the car, now I am realizing that the product is not working. The alarm does not come on when the car is bumped and it only comes on when the car is hit on only one place which is the passenger back door. For the product to be the viper, the alarm should sound and when it does sound, it should be more than just 3 beeps and go off. I went to the Best Buy where it was installed and was told that that is what it is supposed to just beep 3 times and go off. That is absolutely incorrect. Moreover, along with the installation, a part to my car within the glove compartment was broken and I was told that I needed to go and find the part and purchase it, make another appointment to get in installed and receive a refund.

I am not a happy customer, I wish get my money back and to have my viper and remote replaced and given the option to have it replaced some other place all together.

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Re: Geek Squad Installation

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Hi there, CColeman45, 


Getting new tech installed in your car should be nothing less than a great experience, and it sounds like we have put a bit of a damper on all the fun with the cancelled appointments and the alarm not sounding as you anticipated. 


While we wouldn't be able to guarantee any of the specific things you requested, what we could do is see if there is another Geek Squad AutoTech in your area that could take a look at your vehicle. 


So that we can do that, could you private message us your phone number, full name, email, and zip code?


To send a private message, simply select the blue box labeled Private Message to the right of my signature. 




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