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Geek Squad Delivery and Installation - Zero Stars

I bought a new 75" TV last week and it "was" scheduled for delivery today to have in time for the Super Bowl. 


After arriving 25 minutes late from the specified two hour delivery window they brought in the wrong TV, but said they had the right one on the truck.  When I showed them the order that stated they were to move an existing TV to a new location before they installed the new TV they had to call their supervisor as "they were behind schedule and didn't have time to move the old TV".  The supervisor I spoke with stated she didn't see anything about moving the old TV and said if I wanted them to do that they would have to set up a new appointment to move the TV.  I asked her where she expected to install the new TV since it was going where the TV to be moved was sitting.  She just kept repeating the move was not on the order.  Turns out neither she or the Geek Squad delivery guys had actually READ the order.


Since there was no place to put the new TV I told them to cancel the order - meaning no new TV for the big game.


As the Geek Squad delivery team drove away I called and spoke with the manager on duty at the local store where I purchased the TV to explain why it was coming back.  He looked at my order and told me it clearly stated the move was on the order, and would escalate as this did not meet the normal BB target of high quality customer service.  When I got a call back from the delivery team all they did was repeat the same thing - "the move was not on the order".  When I asked if he had actually read the order he stuttered a bit and then finally read the order.  Oops - it did say move the old TV in the order.  But now they were done delivering for the day...


BTW, the total time it would have taken them to move the TV and do the new install was less than 30 minutes - about the same amount of time they were late.  From a customer service perspective it would have been easy to call the next customer and let them know they were running late.  Instead they lost a long time customer and I will now buy my TV's, appliances, computers, and game systems from other local stores or on-line.


I have used Best Buy delivery and installation in the past and it was excellent.  However, it now appears their new motto is "we suck" and don't really care about customer satisfaction.  Zero Stars for Geek Squad Delivery and Installation.