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Frustrating Delivery Service

Back in late August, I ordered a treadmill and paid for delivery/installation. It was supposed to be delivered today, September 29th, between 7am and 1pm. It's noon, and I had to contact BestBuy via chat to see if it was even being delivered today. I understand supply chain issues, so the month to be delivered, I accepted. What I can't accept is that on Monday, two days ago, I called to make sure the treadmill would be delivered today. Sure thing. Today, at 11am, four hours past the start of the delivery, I opened a chat only to find out "they're running late" and we can't give you a time when they'll arrive. The driver was supposed to call me half an hour ago. Didn't. I scheduled my meetings around this six hours window (7am-1pm) and I will probably have to cancel those. 


What furstrates me most is that I had to do all of the contacting about when, etc... Most companies will at least give you a call to say "we're running late". I've never had delivery service this bad, or a chat so annoying. 


And there's no person to talk to in customer service. 


I'm very sorry that I made this purchase and it'll take an awful lot for me to make another purchase.

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Re: Frustrating Delivery Service - Worst EVER

EVEN Better. I just got an email that my delivery was cancelled. With no reason. I won't be shopping at BestBuy again. Thanks, but no thanks.

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Re: Frustrating Delivery Service

Greetings, nelliew!

Thank you for connecting with us through our Community Forums. We’re certain that you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and information here.

I could imagine how exciting it was waiting in anticipation to have your new treadmill delivered, only to then endure the challenges you faced with scheduling and then ultimately ending with a cancellation of the delivery.  We endeavor for our customers to have a satisfying shopping experience with us.  So, you can be sure that this wasn’t the experience we wanted you.  We are grateful that you brought it to our attention so that we can not only document the details here at our corporate offices, but have it addressed by the appropriate parties to make certain that we improve our service level to you.

We’d like to provide adequate documentation and would like to ask if you would be willing to share your name, phone, and email privately by using the blue button located near my signature at the end of this response. This will support our efforts in effectively addressing this to make sure this scenario does not reoccur.


Once again, we appreciate being notified of your experience and look forward the additional information you would open to sharing with us.

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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