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Fridge showed up LATE and Dented!!!

My wife and I bought an open box Samsung Fridge "from Best Buy Soquel CA" (in perfect condition, no scratches), and a brand new dishwasher during the labor day sale. We were so excited to get them installed. The diswasher showed up on time and was installed perfectly...


However the fridge was a week late since nobody bothered to transfer it to the warehouse. Then to make matters worse it showed up completely runined!!! So many dents it looks like someone crushed it with a forklift!!! 


The delivery guy called CS at Best Buy and they said talk to the store, the store said we need to call CS!!! 


SERIOUSLY!!! Why can't they just do the right thing and give us what we paid for? Once we paid for it and had the receipt in our hand it became our property!?!  So in transit it was destroyed by no falult of our own....We trusted Best Buy to deliver it on time and with out issue.


I hope Best Buy would do the right thing and replace our fridge in the same condition as purchased.


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Re: Fridge showed up LATE and Dented!!!

Not sure what happened response from CS on line... 


In any case the GM and Appliance manager in Soquel, CA (reba) took care of us and we are very satisfiled that they did the right thing in the end and went above and beyond to mare sure we were satisfied!!! 


Thanks to Reba and Bree!!!!