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Fridge never got delivered, had to order and new one and lost all my bundled discount.

On February 20, 2021, we went to Best Buy store #553.  We bought $6,081.53 worth of appliances for an apartment we were remodeling for my parents.  
On the day of purchase we were told that the refrigerator was going to delay the delivery date because it was on back order.  At that time we were given delivery to be April 28, 2021.    To our surprise, late March we were called that ALL items had been received and to set up a delivery date.  Due to the fact that the apartment was still under renovations, we had to delay the delivery for several weeks.  
Finally, on June 16, we had the appliances delivered.  When we arrived to the delivery, the refrigerator was missing.  We were told that was another company and that they would contact us to deliver the refrigerator the NEXT DAY.   At that point, we never received a call, but, checked on the Best Buy app and noticed the day of delivery was the next day.  This was all good, until we noticed that the call never came, and the refrigerator delivery was being changed everyday to the next day.
On June 22, we called Best Buy in the morning and was told that they did not know what happened to the refrigerator and that it now showed to be in back order with no future day for delivery.  We were told to expect a call with a resolution later on in the day. The customer service representative (Ivy) did said that if they could not find the refrigerator, they would have to provide one with similar characteristics. 
Since, the call never happened, we went to the store.  At the store, we were told that they could not do anything, but that the refrigerator was probably delivered to someone else, and that the manufacturer was most likely not producing that refrigerator any more.  He provided us with 1-800-304-1259 number, that they were going to be able to assist us.  Enclosed please see picture of phone call. We were on the phone for 3 hours and 32 minutes.   I was transferred to five different representatives during this conversation.  Unfortunately, I did not get names, and we wanted to solve the issue by finding a solution.  
The first person was not able to help us, he said that he did not find the refrigerator and does not know what happened, that I was calling the wrong department.  He transferred me to a nice women, young in voice, which was very helpful and calm.  After being on the phone with her for most of the time, she kept going back and forth trying to find a solution.  She mentioned she couldn’t do much with the order, because there were many orders within the order.  When I told her that all appliances were delivered except the refrigerator,  she said that the installations were not done and she could not close them. I reiterated that the only open order was the refrigerator.  She repeated several times that the fridge was in back order, with no expected day of delivery.   And I told her several times that I needed to find a refrigerator.  I gave her the SKU for a different one (Given to us in the store), knowing there was a price difference, but willing to pay for it, as long as we still got the discounts we got with our initial order . On the receipt we got a sale discount, plus the Samsung bundle discount, plus a Best Buy certificate, and free installation.    So, she decided that the best thing to do was to cancel my order so I could order my new one.  She cancelled my order and proceeded to transfer me to the sales department.
Lady number 3 - sales department- proceeded to do the purchase for me over the phone.  She told me that it was not her department to apply discounts, but that she would at the end of the transaction.  She, finished the transaction, and when I finished paying, she transferred me to the person that would help me to apply my discounts.  Person number 4 said he could not help me.  Then, after waiting again for over ten minutes, person number 5 -  after being on hold for over ten minutes and with him for over 45 minutes, refused to help us. He did open a case and said that we would be “compensated”, but he could not tell us how much. I told him I just wanted the same deal we had before,  to just get the same discounts we had in the previous order. He said that this was not doable because we had cancelled the order. I reiterated multiple times that we did what your company told us to do.  He said that if we hadn’t cancelled the order we could have done it. Which made me even angrier.  After going back and forward he said that he was sorry but he could not help us.  His recommendation was to take names the next time, because he could not corroborate anything we were saying. Basically it was our fault.  I told him that either he thought we were lying or he didn’t want to help. I really don’t understand why can we get the same deal we had before, is only fair. Now I got the same version of fridge we bought for close to 1k more, plus all the disgusting time of trying to make sense of the whole situation. I know that my business is obviosly not important to you, but I’ve been loyal to your brand for more than 20 years.  We are only asking for the same discounts we got initially.  We are not asking for a free fridge or anything else. We want the Samsung bundle discount to be applied. As well as the discounts we had with the initial purchase which only seems fair.  If you are not able to assist with this, (as we were told multiple times) we will have to return the whole order (still in return period) And this will be the last time we will be doing business with best buy.  
Please let us know how to proceed
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Re: Fridge never got delivered, had to order and new one and lost all my bundled discount.

Hello, eduardoap!


Thanks for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. Getting all new appliances sounds exciting, and I am sorry to hear that the refrigerator was unable to arrive as expected. I am happy to look into this further for you! To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address. You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 



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