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Fridge does not work and need to file a property claim

So my husband and I built a brand new custom home. We went to Best Buy in Greensboro, NC and dropped close to $9,000 on new appliances, including a Samsung refridgerator on February 4th. Our builder needed us to get the appliances ordered as part of the kitchen design. We pushed the delivery date out as far as we could since we didn't want our brand new appliances to be sitting in a construction zone.


Fast forward to August 3rd. We are on vacation. Appliances delivered to our house for the kitchen installation. When the delivery guys came in, they went around the back of the island and damaged a cabinet. My builder took pictures and documented the damage and the delivery guys supposedly took the information and the store was supposed to contact us. Our builder ordered a new cabinet door. No one at Best Buy reached out to me regarding the damage done. I received an invoice for the replacement cabinet door on Sept. 6th and Best Buy needs to pay for the damage done by their delivery employees.


We are now moving into the house. On Thursday, Sept. 12th my husband goes to the house and plugs in the refrigerator so it can start cooling down. Fridge won't stay on. It keeps tripping the circuit. We move it to another one thinking maybe, just maybe its that plug. Nope, trips again and throws an 84 E error code. Friday morning my husband calls Best Buy and they schedule a geek squad person to come out Saturday morning - while we are moving in. So I meet the Best Buy guy who, while being nice, is not able to fix the problem. He says well it may be the main circuit board or it may be the compressor. So he says he will order the main circuit board and have it overnighted and come out the following Tuesday when parts come in. Then leaves. At this point we do not have fridge at all because it won't come on. 


On Tuesday, Sept. 17th, my husband calls Best Buy to find out when the repair guy is going to be there. He is told Sept. 26th! So we ask ok, that wont work, we have a teenage boy to feed and we don't have a fridge. Which means we are basically eating out 3 meals a day. The 26th will push it to 14 days since we called Best Buy and told them theres a problem. 


I called the store yesterday, no answer anywere. I called the 800-304-1259 number and was told too bad, you only have 15 days from date of delivery. I explained, AGAIN, that this is a new build and we could not have plugged in the fridge because of the construction. They said well it's in the one year warranty that I have to call Samsung. They also told me too late on the property damage.


Then I called the Geek Squad at 888-237-8289 and spent 1 hour and 5 minutes on the phone with them. Same story, Best Buy says too bad your fridge doesn't work its not their problem and proceeds to transfer me to Samsung and them hung up. Samsung is sending a technician out to look at it and diagnose it but they cannont expedite service either.


At this point I am so frustrated and upset with Best Buy. We purchased from Best Buy because they are supposed to stand behind the products they sell. What a joke. They have not been any help at all. 


What do I do? You sold me a bad fridge. A $2,900 fridge should work when its plugged in. And not caring about the fact that my family doesn't have a fridge for 2 weeks is ridiculous. Best Buy should be bringing a replacement fridge out to us and taking thier broken one back. The property damage is just the icing on the cake.

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Re: Fridge does not work and need to file a property claim

Hello, rivory1220,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on the Best Buy forum! I’d love to congratulate you on your new home, but I certainly understand that it hasn’t been ideal to move in when your fridge isn’t working correctly. At this point, it seems that there are two main concerns that you’re looking for assistance with and I’d be more than happy to see what I can do to shed some light here.


The first concern I’m seeing is about the damage to one of your cabinets. I’m sorry if there was any previous confusion on how to initiate a damage claim. If a home is damaged during the course of a delivery or installation, the customer should file a claim with Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. This can be done by calling them directly at (800) 620-7409. At that time, Sedgwick should gather all the required information, initiate the claim process and advise you of next steps. Once you’ve filed a claim with Sedgwick, they may need some time to begin the process, but if you’re needing to check on the status of an existing claim, there is another number you can call Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. That number is (855) 832-1338. With all of this said, I would recommend the best step for you would be to call Sedgwick to begin your damage claim.


The second concern I see here is the repair of the existing fridge. You are correct that the return and exchange period for appliances is 15 days. As you’ve said that the fridge was initially delivered on August 3, you are past that window so a repair would be your best option. See more about the Return & Exchange Promise here.


To look into this further, I’m hoping you can provide a little clarity about the current state of your repair. It initially sounded like you have a repair appointment set up with Best Buy next week but you were unhappy with the wait for the part to arrive. Later, it sounds almost like you cancelled your originally scheduled service in order to work with the manufacturer. To make sure I’m understanding, at this time, do you currently have a repair appointment set up with Geek Squad? If so, while I cannot promise a certain outcome, I’d love to take a look at the repair order to see what options may be available. To get started, I will need your full name, phone number, email address, and repair order number. Those detail should be kept secure by sending them to me via private message.


I look forward to hearing back!

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