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Fridge Delivery Nightmare!!

Just as a heads up this will be long and tumultuous since I am completely and utterly frustrated at the service I have received from Best Buy. So about two weeks ago on Jan. 24th our 20 year old fridge died. As everyone knows yay you get to buy a new fridge we went ahead did our home warranty things the follwing week and on Thursday Jan 31st we bought our wonderful new fridge. Now the frustration begins, they scheduled our delivery from 12-6 on Feb 2nd and than shortened the window to 2-4, great now we know we have time to do our things we needed to do and be home by 2. Nope our delivery driver not only shows up 2 hours early but than was semi rude over the phone. Fine they stay til 2 and are still there when we arrived at 1:50. They were apologetic and sorry that they were early. The men were extremely helpful and nice. Great right? Wrong. We check out the outside and all seems fine and than as they are getting it prepped for getting it inside one of drivers notices there is glass in the styrofoam. They ask me to check and see what is wrong and I see that one of the glass panels is broken on the inside of our new fridge. Okay great! Our drivers do what they can call who they need to call and get it settled and take it back since we all know that you do not take a defective product. But maybe we should have since it is now Feb 6th and we still do not have a fridge. Speaking on that same matter we then get a call from the gentleman who sold us our fridge saying we should have kept the broken fridge and had a rental period basically and they would have come and fixed it. Moving on we got a reschedule date of Feb 5th from 12-6 again and a narrowed window of 1-4 mind you this is a Tuesday I am currently in school and my mom works in Foster City. She had to take half a day off to be there for the delivery. She is there before the scheduled window and is there when they show up. They call to let my mom know theyw ill be there by 2:45. There was no call stating they were at the home by the way. At 2:45 they are in the drive way and my mom is pacing back and forth, her car is in the driveway and the front door is open. We also have an arlo were we can see who comes and goes. At 2:55 they leave, THEY LEAAVE! No one rang the doorbell, no came to the door, no came out of the truck. But they did have enough time to take a picture of my house with my moms car in the driveway and say no one was home. My mom is now furiously calling the driver I believe that it was 11 times in total. No answer, straight to voicemail. Then the real fun begins. We call dispatch oh well we cannot do anything you were not home. Not true we were. Well now they are out of the service area and can’t deliver. So now we are without a fridge since last thrusday. I am beyond irritated and frustrated with the customer service from Best Buy. Every answer out of everyone is sorry I cannot do anything. Best buy needs to figure out way to get it together because the amount of running around and circling we are doing because of the mistakes made by your company is mind numbing to me. It is another story that we weren’t home and we are making a fuss. Each and everytime we were there and got nothing but oh we will reschedule for the most inconvenient times. And there is nothing we can do since guess what we already paid for the fridge and we have now other choice because trust me we tried!! At this point I am waiting for God himself to bring me this fridge cause at this point I think that is the only way I am going to get it. We have a rescheduled time of Feb 7 from 7a-1pI appreciate that whoever may answer this lengthy complaint and this would not be on you but I need to let people know what kind of business is being done at Best Buy.
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Re: Fridge Delivery Nightmare!!

Hello cpillay,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums and letting us know about your recent experiences with this delivery. Having any major appliance go out is never a good day, especially so when it's your refrigerator. We work hard to make getting a new appliance an exciting and smooth process and I'm sorry that this hasn't been your experience so far. I'm glad to hear that you have had your appointment rescheduled for tomorrow, I'd like to take a deeper look in to this order as well. Can you please send me a private message with a bit more information? I will need to confirm your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Order number


To send a private message please click the button at the bottom of my post across from my name. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can continue to research this.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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