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Formal complaint regarding Geek Squad delivery/horrible Customer Service

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Let me first start by saying that my husband & I are very loyal customers and have spent a great deal of money at Best Buy throughout the years and have never had any issues... until recently.


After hours on the phone with Support, multiple online searches, this is the only way that I have found to lodge a formal complaint to Best Buy. The entire nightmare started on November 14th. We were out running around and decided to stop into a Best Buy (not our usual store) and look at appliances. There were early Black Friday deals happening and the associate we dealt with after a long wait was very helpful. We decided to go ahead with the purchase of Samsung appliances - fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Upon leaving the store, I was reading through the folder of information that was provided to us regarding our order and realized that the incorrect fridge was ordered and all of the appliances were the wrong color. I called the store and spoke with the same associate and canceled our order. Once we arrived back at home, I searched online and was able to place an online order for exactly what we wanted, and to our surprise, included with the Black Friday deal was a Samsung cordless stick vacuum. This was not offered in the store. Delivery was set up for just before Thanksgiving and we were pleased. On November 21st we were out running around again and stopped into our normal Best Buy store and while we were there, decided to double-check to make sure everything was in order. The manager of the store looked up our order and explained that even though we placed the order online, had confirmation, and delivery date, the order was in limbo and would never be fulfilled. With that order, the earliest delivery would be after Thanksgiving, which would not work for us. She was very helpful and was able to cancel that order and place a new one for us - including the Samsung cordless vacuum, and delivery would be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for everything except the fridge. That was back-ordered and wouldn't be available until December. 


That delivery went awesome, the guys were great and we gave them some snacks and a generous tip because the snow on the ground did make it more challenging. 


Next, right before the delivery date in December, we were in the area again and stopped in to check on delivery. The same manager helped and advised that Samsung was very behind in production and that delivery would not be until after the new year. She took my cell phone number and followed up with a text to advise that she had escalated the issue and gave us the new delivery date of February 6th. Not ideal, but out of their hands, they were at the mercy of Samsung. Understandable.


Fast forward to February 6th... We are in Ohio, it snowed more and was 8 degrees outside, we had cleared a path to the front door and to the back door to make it as clear as we could for the delivery. Due to the size of the fridge, we knew that they would have to remove the doors and possibly other modifications in order to fit through a normal door. When the Geek Squad truck arrived, the driver walked through the house and around the back to see which route would be the best. We showed him the old fridge to be moved to the basement, he stated that wasn't on the order. Apparently, it was on the online order that I placed, but when the manager at the store reordered, she forgot to add that. We explained that we would pay them directly and he refused. (In hindsight I remembered that his attitude seemed to change once he went around to the back of the house - could this be due to the political flag we had flying??) Next, both delivery guys were walking around the house, and then on the phone, we could hear them complaining. As I was inside, my husband came in and grabbed a measuring tape because they were saying it couldn't be delivered inside our home. My husband measured and told them they would need to remove the doors, etc. but it would fit. The driver became very irate and began to curse my husband out, saying that he was afraid for his life due to the snow... Then, they put the liftgate up on the truck, told us to do it ourselves, and drove away - leaving our $3k+ fridge and all the packing material that came in the box in the middle of the road. My husband was able to capture some of this on video, and we have pictures as well. 


My husband & I ended up disassembling the fridge, and we managed to bring the fridge through the front door, then reassembled the fridge and installed it ourselves on that very cold Saturday morning.

It is extremely difficult to get a hold of anyone from Best Buy on the weekends, I spent hours on that Saturday morning trying to do so. I have also continued to call every few days afterward to get some sort of response and remedy for this abhorrent customer service and buying/delivery ordeal. I am in the customer service industry and have had many direct reports through the years, if ANY of my team were to treat a customer in this manner, it is grounds for immediate termination. I expect the same result for this situation. That would be the least Best Buy could do!


Unless Best Buy does something to make this better, we will not ever step foot in or purchase anything ever again from Best Buy. The $100 gift card that they offered is useless at this point.


Driver - Jonathan {removed per forum guidelines}

Passenger - Konnor {removed per forum guidelines}


Case #{removed per forum guidelines}


Please contact me for additional information regarding this horrible customer service.

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Re: Formal complaint regarding Geek Squad delivery/horrible Customer Service

Hello, vspurg, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for posting on our forum, although I hate to hear about the issues you encountered from the moment you attempted to purchase appliances until the final delivery a few weeks ago. Buying appliances is a big deal, and we'd expect this process to go smoothly from start to finish. I'm sorry for the difficulties you faced and the terrible interaction you had during the fridge delivery. This is far from what we want for our customers, and I'd like the chance to follow up on this.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and any orders number you have on hand. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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