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Formal Complaint

Bought a washer and dryer that was delivered by Best Buy. The installers got it up stairs and broke the washer pan that was already there. Told me that the washer was oversize so it didn't fit. I look at it later the washer is not over sized but they didn't move the pan out there was plenty of room. Fine submit a claim in December and no one has contacted me yet about it. This whole time noticed a smell of methane coming from the laundry room. Finally got a plumber out and the plumber noticed that the installers had pushed the hose way too far down and it was clearing out the trap water to keep the methane down.


Not learning from my experience I bought a PitBoss Grill that said it came with free delivery and installation. I am a TotalTech member so I thought this would be perfect. It took a week to come and the delivery guys left it at the house and just said we dont know how to assemble grills and left it at that. What a horrible experience thats still ongoing with BestBuy.

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Re: Formal Complaint

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I can understand that having problems after a delivery can be difficult. I would be glad to look into this for you. Please provide your full name, e-mail and phone number in a Private Message so that we may look into the claim that you had advised us on with the washer pan and provide us as much information as you can on the gas leak and notes and pictures from your plumber on the repair. Please note that we do have information on our certificate of insurance as well if you would like to look it over.


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