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Formal Complaint

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To Whom it may concern,


I am very concerned with the service Best Buy has shown me over the past month. My husband and I placed an order on November 11th for a new Washer, dryer, stove and microwave {over the range} from the Janesville WI Store. Order # {removed per forum guidelines}. Delivery was set up for Monday Nov. 19th.

NOV 19th-

The dryer was not installed due to not having right dryer cord and no dryer kit was sent, despite the fact that we were required to purchase new connections for all of our appliances in order for them to be installed.  The delivery men stated that we should call the store and they would order the correct equipment and send someone from Geek Squad out to finish.  I called the store and was immediately transferred to the 800 #.  I was transferred a couple more times and waited over 30 min before someone finial was able to help me. Spoke with Kerea who informed me they could not do anything until the order status was updated on the computer.  She also guaranteed that either another representative or herself would call me the next day.

Once the delivery men were gone my husband noticed a scratch that is all along the front handle of the stove. Also, I tried to do dishes and found that I had no hot water to my kitchen sink.

My mother was here for the delivery and stated that when the delivery men first got to our home, they thought they were delivering a dishwasher, even though there was no dishwasher on their truck.

NOV. 20th

No one from the 800 # ever called. I called the 800 # myself at 3:30pm after work.  Spoke with someone who had to transfer me. Was informed there would be an 18min wait. Could not wait 18min, when I have a 45min drive home. Went the store in Janesville (arrived at 4:30) which resulted in being told that there was nothing they could do that day due to our order still not delivered in the computer. I was then informed that the store could not call the deliver company, as they were based out of Georgia and must already be closed, which was a bold-faced lie. XPO is based out of Greenwich, CT. The person that was helping me was trying to get help from the store manage that was working Shea. She was not helpful to me or to the associate. The associate stated that she would leave a note for someone to call XPO first thing in the morning after the store opened. She also stated that she would put in an urgent request for someone to come look at the hot water in the kitchen, and that someone would call with in the next hour.  Once I left, I did receive 2 automated calls from the 800#, however after answering the phone, the call was terminated on their end both times.  I called the 800# back myself, again being informed that there was an 18min home time. I put in my number to be called back once it was my turn. I received a call almost 45min later, was on hold for another 10min and was disconnected.

NOV 21st.

We went to the store around 10:30am. No one had called about our order. We spoke with the head sales manager, Cody. He said he had to look into what was going and make some phone calls and would call us back.  He called back and stated that they would set up an exchange for the stove, finish installing the dryer, and they would then look at hot water. With Thanksgiving being on Thursday, they wouldn’t be able to do thing until Monday 11/26/18. He also stated that they would give us $200 credit.  Between Nov 21st and Nov 26th there were no confirmation emails or calls about the order.

Nov. 24th

, We took matters into our own hands and found that the installers had turned off the hot water leading to our kitchen for NO DISCERNABLE REASON.

Nov. 26th

There was no call or attempted contact of any kind. My husband had taken yet another day off from work to be there. My husband called the store and was on hold for 20 minutes waiting to talk to someone. The manager who finally answered the phone was of no help and stated that we had to wait for Cody to come in to work. After which he went to the store, he spoke with Cody again who said there was a computer glitch and our order was never placed. Cody, the manager, was the one who put the order in. Cody was rude to my husband and treated him like he was an inconvenience.  My husband asked for the cord and dryer kit to install the dryer ourselves. It has now been over a week since we were able to do laundry. They also replaced the order that day and set up delivery for yet another week away. Dec 3rd. We requested a paper copy of the order to ensure that it was actually placed. Order # {removed per forum guidelines}

Nov 28th

While doing our laundry we figure out that delivery men hooked up the water on the washer wrong. They had switched the hot and cold water.  I had done multiple loads of laundry in steaming hot water. I am thankful that all I had washed was towels and bedding.

Dec 3rd

Delivery sch for anytime between 12-6pm. I had received several calls confirming this was to take place on Dec. 3rd. I received a call for the Janesville store at 2:30pm from a sales associate.  He stated that his manager told him to call me to inform me that they could not complete my delivery that day and where calling to reschedule. Apparently, the manager, Cody, placed the order incorrectly……again. For one, I was very upset that they waited until 2:30pm to call.  I had someone waiting at my house for them.  2nd that the manager did not call themselves. I asked to speak to the head store manager and was informed that he is out on leave. Was told that Brandon or Shea was working. Set up Delivery for Monday Dec 10th. I was put on hold for Shea. She again did not seem to care and came across and this being an inconvenience to her. When I feel it is a huge inconvenience to me?

My husband and I both work full time Mon-Friday. They only do deliveries to Janesville on Monday and Thursday’s.  I have had to make other arrangement to have someone at my house for each of these deliveries that have not happened. My husband missed work for the Nov 26th and then was treated as if this was our fault.

I do not feel like we have received very good customer service.  I AM so FRUSTRATED and UPSET with how we have been treated and how things were handled.  So much that I do not want to buy anything from Best Buy again. Not even a soda or a movie.  I really hope others do have this same experience. WE bought our first house on Nov 5th and this has really made our first month a huge mess. I do not feel as if we have been compensated correctly for these mistakes, nor that the store and delivery company care. 

I would really appreciate communication back in regard to this message.  I also hope the delivery that is set up for tomorrow Dec 10th goes as planned.



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Re: Formal Complaint

not sure how it got posted in repair support when i was in the appliance delivery section. my apologies for that

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Re: Formal Complaint

Good Morning Alcair,


I valve the time that you took to write this to Best Buy and I can understand the frustration that you must have felt during this time. I want to see what is possible to fix what you have gone through.  


I would need some additional information to move forward with assisting you. Please send your full name, phone number, and email address to me in a private message. This can be done by clicking on the private message button after my signature.  Hope to hear from you soon 😊

Tracy|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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