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Formal Complaint regarding purchase, delivery and damage during installation

I want to bring up an issue I had at the North Elston Ave, Chicago, IL Best Buy location regarding my purchase, delivery, and installation of a 40 inch Samsung TV, Rocketfish TV mount in my bedroom. On April 6th 2021 I purchased a 40 inch Samsung TV, Rocketfish TV mount and the installation services to have Geek Squad come and install at this location. I had notified the Best Buy person that was assisting me with the purchase (we will call him "ET" as I do not want to give his formal name out) that I had previously purchased a  60 inch Vizio TV and the same Rocketfish mount 5 years prior and it was installed by Geek Squad without any issues. I had noted that my walls are concrete and for him to verify if there was anything further that needed to be done. He looked at my prior order 5 years ago to confirm/verify and he said I was all set and the delivery was going to happen on April 15th between the window of 7am - 1pm. I am an Infectious Disease physician and had moved my clinic on April 15th to make sure I was present at my home during the installation process. I received a phone call on April 12th confirming my order, but when further talking to the customer service gentleman I had asked to make sure that in their notes they noted that they were going to install this on concrete walls. He said usually they charge you an additional $100 for a custom surface and that I would need to go in-store to verify that with them as this would potentially change my delivery date. He also verified that my order 5 years ago included that custom surface charge. When I went in-store on April 13th, the Best Buy person that was assisting me on April 6th with the order (ET) happened to be there and we discussed the issue. He admitted that he had completely forgotten to add the custom surface charge but would talk to the Geek Squad manager to make sure that everything would still be delivered on Thursday April 15th. He said he would reach out to me via phone to confirm this. Later that evening, on April 13th he reached out to me via phone and stated they are still working on it, but if I don’t hear from him that everything would have been resolved and the delivery and installation will happen April 15th between 7am - 1pm. I did not receive a phone call on April 14th, so I assumed everything would be fine. Come April 15th I had not received anything between 7am - 1pm. I called the national customer service number and an agent had informed me that my appointment had been rescheduled but there were no notes saying why. I then drive over to Best Buy and speak to the manager for Best Buy as well as one of the Geek Squad managers who would look into this for me. They also admitted that there was an error in communication and they had felt horrible. They were able to talk to the regional Geek Squad manager who was able to schedule someone to come out on Friday April 16th. I had mentioned I had clinic and would have to leave by 10AM so if someone could come at 8AM then that would work. Otherwise, I would like a weekend day where I knew I would be off. They insisted that they spoke with the Geek Squad gentleman that was going to install it and he would be there at 8AM. Come April 16th the Geek Squad gentleman (we will call him "LP" as I do not want to give his formal name out) came at 9:30AM. I had to call my clinic to cancel the first few hours of patients. While installing the mount and TV in the bedroom he had managed to put four screws through the bedroom wall into the living room. I had just remodeled my place 1 month ago. He was able to complete the installation by 11:30AM and we had both taken pictures of the damage done. LP was very apologetic and stated that someone would call me regarding a resolution to this problem. I am currently still waiting for someone to call me regarding this issue.


First of all, I just wanted to say that I had been a customer of Best Buy for years and had always thought they have done a tremendously good job from customer service to geek squad delivery and installation. With that being said, these past few weeks have been a nightmare. Not only am I frustrated about the communication, but when I spoke with the Best Buy manager from the store after they told me there was nothing they could do from their end. Having to cancel an entire days’ worth of clinic one week in advance as well as the first few patients the next day is a big deal and I do not take this situation lightly. For Best Buy to admit their fault in this entire situation and not being able to do anything about it was probably the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with. I have never been in a situation like this and I would honestly like some assistance at a national level.


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Re: Formal Complaint regarding purchase, delivery and damage during installation

Hello, arims20,


First, I would like to thank you for visiting our online community. This is a great place to come to learn about new tech, interact with other members, and request support from our team of moderators. We sincerely appreciate your patronage, and it sounds like your previous experiences have been quite different from your most recent one. That is never the news we would hope for, so I am glad you’ve reached out for additional assistance.

In effort to ensure service appointments go as planned, it is extremely important orders are processed properly. It is clear there was a mistake with an important labor service being left off the original order, which caused the need for the appointment to be rescheduled. You certainly should have been made aware of this, especially considering the demands of your profession. I am sorry that did not occur, and I appreciate you sharing this experience with us.


You also mentioned there are now holes visible in a neighboring room. Please know, you’ve reached the right place for support, as our team is based out of our Corporate Headquarters. It is important the proper steps are taken, so this matter can be addressed. I would be happy to help with that process, and I would also like to ensure your feedback is formally documented. To get started, I will need a bit more information. When convenient, please send a Private Message, so I can securely collect the necessary details.



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