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Formal Complaint regarding delivery and customer service

My wife and I had ordered a Washer & Dryer on 22 September 2022, our delivery date was on the 28th of September. We were expecting to be able to wash/dry our clothes as we are a military family and recently moved and have no means to clean our clothes for us and our 1 year old. Well the morning of 28 September we find out that our Dryer was canceled, after several calls with the delivery driver/coordinator no one could give us any answer as to why it was cancelled. We were still expecting our washer to get delivered. I then drove back out 30mins to the store to speak to someone, James R at the New Center Point store in Colorado Springs has been the only one to give us answers and help as much as he could. Turns out everyone involved with loading the trucks and warehouse were playing the blame game as why this happened but they left the dryer there due to this mistake and then cancelled it even though it had all our information on the dryer. Fortunately James R was able to get the dryer ordered again but at the same time it was an inconvience as it messed with out interest free financing with the best buy credit card as the washer & dryer was now done on two purchases. Our new date for delivery for our dryer was October 1st which it did come today. However upon returning to my home my wife had recieved the automated text that the delivery for our washer was next and expected to see in an hour. Well after an hour past the expected time we call the number given to find out that the washer was now cancelled and needed to be rescheduled all without us being informed of and with no reason why again. We drive back out the store to speak to James R since it seemed he was the only person willing to help us whenever we called we kind of just got told well thats it zero customer service. The earliest we could now get our washer rescheduled is for October 3rd, which to me is absolutely ridiculous that we were able to schedule the dryer 3 hours prior for saturday the 1st and now the washer can't be till the 3rd. James R had tried all that he could by calling the warehouse manager trying to see if we could get them both on the same delivery for Saturday October 1st however it seems that was unable to happen. We are absolutely disappointed in Best Buy's customer service aside from James R doing all that he could to help us, he had given us the customer service number to reach out to see about any type of compensation for the delay of our items due to someone messing up not once but twice. However when we called the number as well as doing the live chat with customer service we were blown off completely with them saying it is what it is they are coming on these dates separate from each other. We were not looking for much just to get our order and to get them together like they should have an as soon as possible as now we are force to go out of our way to clean our clothes at a laundry mat along with having my wife who is not military take off from work 3 separate days losing out of three days of pay because we had to be available on the 9/28 for the intial delivery, 10/1 for the dryer and now 10/3 for the washer. This whole process was extremely inconvient and truthfully if we weren't in such dire need for these appliances in our home I would of returned the items and took my business elsewere.

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Re: Formal Complaint regarding delivery and customer service

Hello, Evan77.


Welcome to the Community Forums! We are happy to have you join us. Although, I do wish it were under happier circumstances. As someone who had to replace their washer and dryer not too long ago, I understand how important it is to get that taken care of as quickly as possible. I also can see how it's not ideal to have your delivery not go according to plan, especially on multiple occasions. I would be happy to take a closer look at this.


To get started, please use the blue button next to my name to send me a Private Message. Please include your name, phone number, and email address. Thanks!


All the best,


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