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Formal Complaint - "Customer Service"

I do not even know where to begin here but will highlight outline the complete disaster of an end to end customer experience encounter below:


  1. June 26th 2020 (total time on the phone 2 hours and 22 mins)–  Call Best Buy (Geek Squad) to discuss an issue my TV was having. It was determined after sending pics that my TV should be replaced. The agent I spoke with was super helpful. The next appointment for delivery was July 10th so that was booked. I selected a time frame of 12-8 (ridiculous that it is a 7 hour window)
  2. July 10th 2020 (total time on the phone 5 hours)- Wake up in the morning expecting my appointment window to the timeframe that was agreed upon. At 11AM, I decided to call Geek Squad to see if they can narrow down the 7 HOUR time frame and that is when things started to go horribly wrong. I was connect with someone by the name of Dawn. Dawn placed me on hold for about 20 minutes then came back to inform me that my appointment has been CANCELLED. When asked why she was unable to provide any information. For context, I planned my ENTIRE DAY around this 7 hour window. I took the morning to prepare my area move my dresser, unplug my TV, Paid for expedited shipping so the mount could be here on time and basically turned my entire (400 sq ft) apartment upside down in order to accommodate the job. Needless to say I was VERY upset. She then placed me on hold for another 20 minutes and came back with “great news” that they can reschedule my appointment for July 14th between 12-8PM (ANOTHER 7 HOUR WINDOW 4 days from the date of the original appointment). Do not understand how that is “good news”. When I explained to her how upset I was she claimed to understand. She then explained depending on how upset I am they would give me a Best Buy gift card. OK let me get this straight… I am so upset WITH Best Buy so they are giving me a gift certificate TO Best Buy. That actually makes NO SENSE. When I asked to speak with a “Supervisor” she begrudgingly connected me to by far the LEAST customer centric person I have ever encounter in my 38 years in life (Cristina/Kristina). When I explained to this “Supervisor” how upset I was she gave me some excuse of a story that the order was "pushed out of the system" (yet my credit card was charged immediately on June 26th 2020 and I received an email that day) and there was nothing that could be done. And again they would consider issuing a gift card for ALL the time this company has wasted AFTER they did the service which would mean even more time on hold. When I told her that was unacceptable she became extremely dismissive and passive aggressive. When I expressed my discontent for Best Buy this lady had the nerve to say to me “HAVE A GOOD DAY” and HUNG UP THE PHONE. YES ONE OF YOUR SUPERVISOR HUNG UP ON A PAYING CUSTOMER WHO WAS EXTREMELY UPSET BECAUSE ALL THE ERRORS YOUR COMPANY HAS MADE.  Little did she know that I would call back to escalate. This is where it gets good. I spoke to a lovely agent Derrick who was very empathetic and clearly understood why I was mad. When he tried to get a supervisor no other than KRISTINA/CRISTINA got back on a call with me to “SETTLE THE SCORE”. It was clear to her that I was going to do everything in my power to escalate her unacceptable behavior to management. She claimed that she misunderstood my discord with BEST BUY and said she thought I said I didn’t like her and for that she was warranted to HANG UP ON ME WITH NO WARNING. She also provide a million and one excuses (fumbling every which way) as to why she didn’t offer up the solution of connecting with the exchange team (including that there was an agent on the line). My response to her was that she should have allowed to agent to connect me with the other department and offered a solution. NOPE instead she decided that hanging up on me was the better option.  It is clear to me that this person has absolutely no right being in a customer focused role. Also, why on earth would she think it was appropriate to get back on a call with me when I was calling to complain about her? Oh I know why... she doesnt want this complaint to reach anyone with power since she knows it is wrong to hang up on a customer, lie, and provide zero solutions.  The agent made it clear that she intercepted the call and "wanted to talk to me" after she heard someone was calling to file a complaint. She didnt want to talk to me to actually provide a solution she wanted to talk to me to cover up.                                                                                                                  

In sum (and I'm an still on hold now)…. 7+ hours of phone time, 2 days (of 7 hour time blocks), expedited shipping costs for a mount to arrive on the day of agreed service (7/10), emotional distress (being hung up, lied to, waiting on hold for hours, retelling this story to every new agent Im connected to, and writing this complaint).


Can only say that I will no longer be loyal to Best Buy (understatement). It is beyond evident that their claims of being “Customer Obsessed” is a complete lie. If I do not get a response from this I will continue to escalate and reach out until I get one. There are a million other retailers who actually care about their customers… I will await a response from this forum with a REAL solution as I will not accept a gift card as a consolation for all the inconveniences and headaches that this company has caused.

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Re: Formal Complaint - "Customer Service"

Good afternoon, laurenglick,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums. I know it's difficult to set time aside for a delivery appointment so I can understand your frustration to discover that this was rescheduled. While our team is typically unable to assist in rescheduling this appointment I would certainly like to take a closer look at these phone calls.


I will need a bit more information so I can review your case history. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:

Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post across from my name. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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