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Formal Complaint on Horrible Customer Service

I purchased a Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 monitor on December 28, 2022 from Best Buy online. The product was supposed to be an open box, excellent like new purchase. The discount for the open box was very small. The product still cost me $1,500. When I received the product and began using the monitor, I realized it had scan lines that were flickering. This did not upset me because I understand that some products will be defective. I contacted Best Buy, informed them about the defected product I received and offered to pay the $100 difference for Best Buy to send me a new replacement monitor. The representative said "no we are not going to allow you to do that because you haven't done anything wrong." This is on us. From this conversation, I was under the impression that I would be receiving a new monitor as my replacement. The agreement was for me to use the return label and return the original monitor back to Best Buy when the replacement monitor arrived. That is exactly what I did. I accepted the replacement monitor and shipped/returned the defected product simultaneously. When I opened the replacement box, I was stunned. Best Buy sent me a very used replacement that was poorly packaged, dirty and potentially damaged. It was literally just thrown in a box without protection. I became very disappointed and angry. I immediately drove 1.5 hours to the nearest Best Buy and returned the replacement because it was literally a box of trash. Even the employees at the store could not believe Best Buy sent me a product in that condition. After extended phone holds and three hours of phone time on the terrible Best Buy customer service line, I am being told that it is going to take two weeks for me to receive my $1500 refund. This is totally unacceptable. Best Buy sent me a defected product. Best Buy sent a used, dirty monitor as the replacement and I'm the one inconvenienced. I have shopped with Best Buy for over 25 years, yet they are not willing to do anything to try to take care of a loyal customer (me). I will NEVER use their services again, my family won't use their services and I will let everyone that I can know about this experience.

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Re: Formal Complaint on Horrible Customer Service

Hello, Clarry.


Thank you for reaching out to us via Forums about your situation.


Getting the best possible experience when shopping with us is very important and I understand your frustration with your situation. I would like to reach out to you and see what is happening with your refund and take a further deep dive into your case. When you can please reach out to us via private message with your full name, telephone number, email and order number. Once we get your information we can take a deeper dive. Please let me know as soon as possible. 


Thank you,

Riley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint on Horrible Customer Service

This Best Buy Support forum consists of alleged ‘media specialists’ seeking to deceive others as to manipulate or control by deceptive and dishonest means. They pretend to assist or address the innumerable complaints, yet it is nothing more than a ruse to entrap the unsuspecting. Not any will get any assistance here, rather an excessive amount of ghost stories: “All who work with or for Best Buy”.