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Formal Complaint for a Potential UDAAP Violation

Good Afternoon. I would like to submit a formal complaint comprised of two parts. Before I get into today's complaint, let me give some background information first.


I ordered a fridge from BestBuy in early April with the original delivery scheduled for the end of April. Up through the original delivery day, all contact with BestBuy (via phone calls and online account) promised that the delivery of the fridge would be completed on the original delivery date. I received a call the day before to confirm the delivery. I received texts confirming that the delivery would be completed the following day during the scheduled delivery window. I received no further communication until after the delivery window when I received a voicemail telling me that BestBuy never received my fridge in stock and that the delivery could not be completed in April. The earliest next delivery date was today. Now, my complaint is not about the delivery not being able to be completed in April, although that is irritating. My complaint here is that in all communication given to me, I was promised something that was not delivered upon, and I was only notified of the fact that the fridge could not be delivered until after the delivery window. If BestBuy did not receive my ordered fridge before the scheduled delivery date, I should have been notified and asked to reschedule. I was not.


This constitutes the first violation of the Unfair, Deceitful, Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) act. The violations are as such: (1, deceitful actions) in all written communication until after the delivery window had passed, the delivery confirmation said that my ordered fridge would be delivered and it was not, constituting deceitful communication. By not notifying me before the delivery date, BestBuy lied to me about when to expect my order until after the delivery did not happen. (2, abusive actions) By not notifying me that my order could not be delivered until after the delivery window had passed and by continuing to promise the delivery would happen in April, I was not given ample warning that my order was not received and could not be delivered. I was not given ample time to cancel any food deliveries that were scheduled to be delivered the day after I was supposed to receive my order. As such, because I was not given notification until after the delivery window had passed, I was not given ample time to cancel any such orders before the food was delivered and, without a fridge, subsequently spoiled. I submitted this complaint shortly after the first missed delivery. The only resolution was that the delivery was rescheduled for today.


Now fast forward to today's scheduled delivery. Three days ago, on May 15th, I called (888)-BESTBUY to confirm if my ordered fridge had been received and was ready to be delivered. The representative I spoke with confirmed that my ordered fridge had been received and was waiting for delivery. I received the confirmation calls and texts about my scheduled delivery, that it would happen today during the delivery window. In all, I received three confirmations that my order should be delivered today. During the delivery window, the representative who was to deliver my ordered fridge knocked on my door and notified me that my fridge was not loaded on the delivery truck. The representative needed to return to the store to pick up the fridge and would return in an hour and a half. Roughly two hours later, I received a text from the representative to notify me that my fridge could not be delivered today because the representative had hurt their back. Now I understand that representatives can get hurt on the job. That's not my complaint.


My complaint today is two-fold. (1) My ordered fridge was not originally loaded onto the delivery truck this morning. As such, it could not be delivered when the delivery representatives first arrived at my house. Rather, the delivery window needed to be pushed back to a later time and eventually canceled. When I called the representative's manager, I was told that the only reason my fridge would not have made it onto the truck this morning was if it was not received and was not in the staging area this morning. The manager later sent me a text notifying me that the fridge had been found and was moved into the staging area for delivery tomorrow. (2, deceitful actions) When I called three days ago to confirm that my fridge had been received, I was told that the fridge was received and loaded on the delivery truck. Yesterday and this morning, I received both phone calls and texts confirming that my fridge would be delivered today. However, when the delivery representative arrived today, the fridge was not loaded in the delivery truck and the fridge was not delivered today. BestBuy lied to me when I called to confirm the fridge had been received and was told the fridge was loaded onto the delivery truck. The fridge was not loaded onto the delivery truck. The delivery confirmation calls and texts lied to me because I still don't have my fridge and it was not delivered during the delivery window or even today. This is the second time I have been lied to by BestBuy on the same order.

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Re: Formal Complaint for a Potential UDAAP Violation

This sounds like a poor situation to be in, and I'm sorry that you've been going through it.


I believe UDAAP is defined in the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, which deals with financial products and services such as investments, loans, and other banking services.  It does not directly apply to retail transactions other than disclosures on credit-based purchases.


That doesn't mean that this wasn't/isn't unfair to you or that it doesn't require intervention and assistance, it just means that it's not something that falls under UDAAP as defined by Dodd-Frank.


A moderator should be able to help sort through this with you; they work during business hours Monday - Friday and should be along within a couple of business days depending on overall call and posting volume.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, which again sounds like something I wouldn't want to go through myself.

*disclaimer* I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Best Buy, Geek Squad, nor of any of their affiliate, parent, or subsidiary companies.
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Re: Formal Complaint for a Potential UDAAP Violation

Hello, YasaMufasa,


Thank you for taking the time to join our online community, and for sharing your experience. A new refrigerator is something to be excited about, although I am sorry to learn of what transpired. When major appliances are being delivered, that requires careful planning, from all parties involved. We realize our customers have busy schedules, which is why our goal is to complete deliveries, on the scheduled date. If there had been an unexpected delay, for any reason, you should have been informed, in a timely manner.


Based on your description, it sounds like there were a few factors that caused the order to have to be rescheduled. You mentioned the order is now scheduled for today, and we look forward to completing this service. Your feedback is extremely important, as we are very interested in learning what we can do to improve our service. If you would not mind sending a Private Message, I would love to formally document your feedback, as well as provide any additional support I’m able.


To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. For verification purposes, please include your full name, email address, and telephone number.



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