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Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

This is my formal complaint on the worst customer service I have received to date.


I ordered a washer and dryer this week, gave Best Buy all the information needed to successfully deliver and install the units.


Today, I received a call several hours after Best Buy was supposed to have arrived saying, "We have to reschedule your delivery and install. The delivery truck we used was too big to park. When would you like to reschedule?" 


I said, "We need these units to be delivered today. This is the reason we went to Best Buy, specifically, versus another company. Best Buy promised us this on time delivery."


We gave all of our information to the team to ensure they could fit a delivery truck in our neighborhood, including instructions on where to install the units in home.


I called 1-888-BESTBUY to look for a solution and spoke to Lisa and Nick at Best Buy Customer Service. 


Lisa escalated our call to Nick, the Best Buy Customer Service Manager. During my call with Nick, this happened:


- Nick did not provide a solution to the problem, he ignored it.

- Nick would not give me a name or phone number to escalate my call further to get help.

- Nick bad mouthed the Best Buy Store and Sales People that we purchased the washer and dryer from.

- Nick was caught not listening during the call, perhaps holding the phone away from his ear, while we attempted to offer other solutions that would have worked for us.

- Nick refused to provide his Manager's name, so that we could report his improper and unprofessional customer service.



We told Nick that we would NOT be returning to Best Buy in the future and that they have lost loyal customers that had shopped with Best Buy for years, if not decades. Nick couldn't care less.




To Best Buy Corporate, 


This is a formal complaint and report regarding the poor customer service we received from Nick, who is a Manager representing your Company's Customer Service. Nick did not handle our situation and behaved unprofessionally, without resolve, and even bad mouthed the wonderful staff that we had interacted with at the store level. We never got our washer and dryer, have not heard back from Best Buy Customer Service, and were never offered an apology for the mishandling of purchase. We feel uneasy and uncomfortable with Nick handling the rescheduling of our delivery and install. We do not have confidence in his ability to properly handle this for us.


What can you do so that we get our washer and dryer, that have already been purchased, on time and as promised? We were rescheduled for, at earliest, a week out from today and will be without laundry services until then. We appreciate your timely response.



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Re: Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

Hello Daniel-


Welcome to our forum and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us about your recent delivery experience and contact with our phone support agents. I'm disappointed to hear that your delivery wasn't able to be completed when you expected it and Nick was not able to get this resolved to your satisfaction. I can completely understand how frustrating it would be to not get the assistance you were expecting to receive when calling in. I would be happy to help get your feedback to the right place and to see how I can further assist you.


Can you provide me some further information about your order? To keep your information safe can you please send me a private message with your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Order number

Any case numbers provided


To send a private message please click the button at the bottom of my post. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can further assist you.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

Update: the washer and dryer appointments were, again, cancelled and had to be rescheduled. The delivery did end up happening, but was a complete train wreck!

Both the washer and dryer were dented, scratched, and otherwise damaged by the delivery and install team!

Damage was also done to my brand new construction home, which I had just closed on not even a week prior!

The dryer was not even installed properly! The vent ducting was wedged on with a giant gap and was eft hanging and has no hose clamp attached.

Now, we have to get a totally new replacement washer, the dryer has parts ordered to fix, and we had to order new parts for the vent ducting kit because the delivery and install team didn't even install it but took our parts with them!

I've, since the delivery and install date, had to spend hours on the phone for days, over 15 separate calls to Best Buy, and am left waiting without a proper functioning washer and dryer while they reschedule everything all over again!

Sedgwick was also called for a claim on the damages done to my new home. What a mess. The walls, railing, wood floors, even our doorbell were damaged in the process.

How can we resolve this to make sure it is all taken care of and within a reasonable amount of time, not to inconvenience me further?

I would ALSO like to be compensated for the time spent having to call Best Buy, dealing with cancellations and reschedules, the delivery and install team being hours late, me having to cancel one of my own meetings to accommodate the delivery and install date, and for the poor customer service received by Nick prior to this whole mess. It was and still is a massive inconvenience to me.

How can we make this right?

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Re: Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

Greetings danlar-


This was certainly not the update we were hoping for when you worked with Andrew last, and I’m truly disheartened to know you’re still working to get the installation completed.  I’d like to provide my assistance with your case, please check the orange envelope in the top right corner of the screen to view the private message I sent you!



JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

I just had the FOURTH cancellation and reschedule for my washer and dryer order.


We noted previously that the delivery and install team needed a SMALL truck for our neighborhood and they "forgot again." So, we have to reschedule for mid next week. That's another day I have to spend at home, not at work, waiting for the delivery and install team.




There are STILL damages to my newly purchased washer, dryer and home from the deliver and install team that need fixing and resolution.


They did damages to my NEWLY CONSTRUCTED HOME. We closed on the home not even a week prior and Best Buy comes through and DAMAGES EVERYTHING.


For other readers, the "private messages" that have been sent to me from Best Buy offer NO RESOLUTION. Don't think they are offering me compensation or a way to resolve. It is ANYTHING BUT HELPFUL. Do not be fooled.


NO ONE from the store side has contacted me as you said they would. I had to reach out to them INSTEAD. NOTHING is happening to resolve this. I am putting forth DAYS worth of efforts and time on the phone to get things to resolve.


NO ONE from Best Buy is advocating for me or helping me in this situation. At this point, I feel the company is too big for one customer's concerns and they simply just DO NOT CARE. 


This is NOT how you run a business. I will NEVER be buying from this company again and will advise others to do just the same.


Do NOT make the same mistake that I did. NEVER buy from Best Buy again.


Yes, go ahead and send me another USELESS private message, it does NOTHING to help me.

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Re: Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

Hello again danlar-


I'm truly at a loss of words, and I could certainly understand your frustrations.  Looking at your order notes, I'm showing our 3rd party vendor and Sedgwick have both been contacted.  I wanted to let you know that I've also escalated this back to the same leaders at the store to make them aware also.  


Knowing I cannot offer any different resolutions for your delivery, than what has already been provided to you, I am wanting to have you check your inbox, to view the private message I've just sent you!  I'm excited to hear back from you soon!



JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

Yesterday's delivery was cancelled. AGAIN. We are rescheduling delivery and install for the SIXTH time.


This is the worst experience I've ever had with a company. 


To all readers, Best Buy has offered me $150 for the previous FIVE cancellations and now another $100 for this SIXTH cancellation.


To Best Buy, $250 in gift cards is simply not enough to cover the amount of time I have wasted with your company.


Next time, I'm going to the slew of other companies that offer the same products that you do. I DON'T CARE if I have to pay them more. You're not getting business from me, nor my family, nor my friends, nor anyone on social media that cares to read this (this will be posted to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).


In anticipation of you deleting this complaint thread, I have taken screenshots of every frame to ensure that this does NOT get swept under the table. This is to remain public for others to see.


I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and have filed two complaints. One against Best Buy and one against FSA Logisitix. The Bureau is awaiting your responses at the corporate level.


I have not accepted any of the gift cards offered for the SIX cancellations and rescheduled appointments.


At this point, I want the newly purchased washer and dryer for FREE. You may gladly shut me up and not earn my business ever again, should you comply.


Otherwise, let's continue.

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Re: Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

Hello danlar,


Thank you for following up with us regarding this again. I apologize again that we weren’t able to get the most recent delivery completed.


Based on what I see, you’ve been in contact with our Geek Squad Customer Care team regarding this, and they’ve been able to reschedule your delivery again. That team is best positioned to assist you with your delivery going forward, so I encourage you to reach back out to them if you have any additional concerns about your order.


I’m hopeful that the next order will arrive successfully for you. I assure you that your experience is not at all typical of the appliance delivery service we offer, and I hope that you’ll give us another chance in the future. I am confident that we will be able to provide you with a superior experience the next time you shop with us.


If there’s anything else I can assist you with, please let me know.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint - Sorry, Best Buy. You've lost another customer.

I'm new on here and don't know how to start a new thread so I apologize for 'piggy-backing' on op's post.


I am so very frustrated with Best Buy and since yesterday I haven't been able to contact anyone.


I ordered a cell phone from Best Buy online and received it yesterday. While navigating through the phone I discovered that the phone already had an assigned phone number. It wasn't mine. While talking to an AT&T representative helping me setup my voicemail, he asked me for my number and I gave it to him. He said it isn't the number from the phone. Yeah I am aware.

This morning I contacted LG and told them about the strange number and was told that the phone is not new. He said it looks like the phone was a used phone.

I am really ticked about this because I paid for a brand new phone, not a used one.


It is impossible to get in touch with anyone at Best Buy. The hold wait time is very long. I don't even know who I would ask to speak to even if I get through to them.

The phone came from the Best Buy distribution center in Kentucky and I called them. They said they are just a warehouse and can't do anything. They gave me customer service phone number.


I don't understand this whole thing. If the phone came from Kentucky, why can't they fix the problem? Why can't they tell me why I was sent a used phone?


I tell you this. I will never buy another thing from Best Buy. I have purchased numerous things before from them and never had a problem until now.



I need answers and I need them fast.