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Formal Complaint - Best Buy Magnolia San Carlos, CA

I have been a Magnolia customer since before they had anything to do with Best Buy. Even after they joined Best Buy I still made most of my purchases from Best Buy . Unfortunately for me, I made the decision to install the Control4 System a few years ago and ended up in a rabbit hole that has cost me 6 figures. I went to Magnolia SC, to ask them to take a look at my system and to get it to work for me the way it is meant to work. They would not even come out until I gave them 25k.


Gave then the 25k and they came out - spent 50% of the day waiting for a part and the second day were nowhere near finished, I was assured they would be out the next week. Only a percentage of what was working when they arrived was working when they left.  I spent days tracing lines, reconnecting what they disconnected or had on the wrong connection.


Thanksgiving came, Christmas came and New Years came and they did not show,  Numerous phone calls and excuses (mothers have dies, Aunts have been hos[pitalized, salesperson hospitalized and the kicker the scheduler was on vacation).  We finally sent a time for them to come on the first and second of February,  I informed them that they needed to run new lines because we had mice chew through the cat5 and we decided to rerun the lines with fiber - great another 10k to Magnolia for 2 days work.  I personally reran the cords throught the middle of my living room to get the system working while i waited.


I received a call saying they had an opening and they could copme out early,  The technicians showed up yesterday.  I showed them the photos of the damamge. Informed them that the exterminator would be by to close up the holes they need to run the lines and asked that they run the lines first, since this will complete my contract with the exterminator company.


They immediately got on the phone and within an hour left saying they needed to regroup and would be back the first thing in the morning.  It is 10:40 and no installers.   I have to pay the exterminator to come out after the next appointment to close up the holes.  And as they left, yoour technicians, said that this job will take more than 2 more days to complete.  I should expect another bill.


How can you make that statement when you did not do anything?  How much longer are you going to drag this out and how much more do you expect I will pay?


I would appreciate an email with someone of power at Magnoilia corporate with the ability to get a full team out here to get this job complete immediately if not sooner.





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Re: Formal Complaint - Best Buy Magnolia San Carlos, CA

Hello johnjm,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Thank you for choosing Magnolia for your purchase. We’re sorry to hear that your experience isn’t going as it was initially planned to. We understand how that could certainly cause some doubt on your end. We’d be happy to see what further light or assistance we may be able to offer.


Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and your most recent order number? We’d be happy to bubble your information to field leadership for further review to see how we can best assist you moving forward. A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue “Private Message” button next to my name at the bottom. We look forward to hearing from you to look into this further on your behalf.



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