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Formal Complaint -B. Miranda Thank you for any assistance.

Good morning.

I'd first like to begin by apologizing for this message. I am deeply disappointed and frustrated and I really don't know what else to do.


So you have my information, my name is ************* and my phone number is ********** (I have a membership).


Last week, I purchased a television and the geek squad 5-year protection plan.

Online order number Bby01-805629782651

I clicked the deliver between 12-4 pm and in the box for additional instructions wrote that my wife and I are both teachers and would appreciate drop off between 3-4pm.

I received both an email and a text message at 12:07 pm that Erich would be delivering the television at 12:10 pm.

I immediately left work, having to take a half day, to get to my home.  I arrived at 12:24 pm and there was no television and no note of delivery attempt.

I waited until 3:45pm before I called Best Buy.

The first person put me on hold twice and then when it was picked up, the woman said "OH, Kaitlyn just got off of work, she's leaving now."

I was furious! but I explained the situation to the new woman and she then put me on hold.

I was then greeted 32 minutes later by a manager in the Poughkeepsie NY store. She told me that there would be no more deliveries today and that there was no way to contact the delivery person "Erich."

I was beyond upset now because she told me that he came to my home at 11:00 am to deliver!

I clearly didn't choose that time! Had I known that he came, I would have called to make sure that he came back, but apparently no one could contact Erich.

I now was instructed to call Geek Squad. I was put on hold for 2 separate 1 hour and 50 minute holds!

I wanted my delivery!

They told me that I had to wait until next week! As if it was my fault that Erich couldn't do literally the ONLY job he is paid to do!

Because Erich couldn't read his ticket, I have to wait to get my television?

I should have been the first delivery the next morning!

Not only that, but one of the supervisors I spoke with got in contact with Erich to try and get him to close the ticket so it could be rescheduled. She then said that he 

"refused to go back and deliver the telivision!" "He was clocked out!" I replied with "Are you serious, that's what he said?" to which she responded "UMMMMM< No that s not exactly it, he said he can't go back to work, his day is over."

As you could imagine, I wanted to scream!

I'm now sent to another supervisor because I want to speak with someone that could actually do something.

I am repeatedly put on hold because I kept being sent to "the wrong department." "You need Magnolia..." or something of that sort.

Then I am sent to  Jamal B. in Atlanta GA who proceeds to tell me that he's sorry but there's nothing he can do but give me $25 credit for my issue!

Are you serious! Just do your job!

I asked him why as the customer who has no tv because Erich cannot read a ticket and is on hold for hours is the one being forced to wait again and your response is a $25 credit!?!

I immediately cancelled my order and called to file a complaint against Erich and whomever is in charge of handling customer service. 

I gave this same story for the 11th time to a human resources person, was put on hold where I hung up after 33 minutes of being on hold again.

I am extremely upset and disappointed.

I didn't receive the product and services that I paid for and when it was clearly a Best Buy issue was offered $25 to shut up and deal with it!

This is extremely unprofessional and ridiculous!

I have since cancelled my order and was hoping to buy from you because I do not want to support Walmart, but I am completely flustered about how this was handled.

Please let me know if you receive this, it would make me feel better.

Thank you for your time and understanding.





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Re: Formal Complaint -B. Miranda Thank you for any assistance.

Hello Chem_Miranda,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy forums! 

We appreciate you reaching out and letting us know of your experience so that we can improve our customer service processes.


It sounds like there was a lot of opportunities within this entire process for you.

Firstly with the time frame, and then with Erich and subsequently the chain of command you were sent on once you called in.

I will make sure that Erich's manager is made aware of this situation, and I will share the feedback with the appropriate call teams for how you were handled by those representatives as well. 


I do understand why you cancelled your order, while we certainly never want our customer's to feel that they need to cancel their orders, we try to remember to be human and put ourselves in your shoes and how we would react if the tables were turned. 


I do want to assure you that your message has been received loud and clear. The feedback will be processed by the necessary executives and we will do all we can to prevent this from happening in the future. 


I would love to invite you back to shop with us again and have a different experience. 

If you ever need our assistance in the future, we'd be happy to help!




Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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