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Formal Complaint - Appliance Installation

We ordered a Cafe Brand range online October 21, 2020 and given an October 31, 2020 date for delivery and installation. On the 31st the installer confirmed a time and arrived as planned, alone. His appearance and manner was a little off-putting but I gave him the benefit of doubt as he proceeded.  He stated our service was Dual Fuel and that he had a gas only unit - he was adamant that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I showed him what was on the order and made him compare the unit he had brought to prove they matched. Then he, with considerable uncertainty, began to prepare for the natural gas to propane (LP) conversion. He pulled out a manual as he began, which told me he was inexperienced - in hindsight, at this point we should have stopped him.

Watching him and his lack of confidence was very off-putting to say the least as he continued. He was constantly talking to himself and throwing his hands in the air as if he was not sure what he was doing.

After working on the conversion for nearly 2 hours on our driveway (which my husband felt was unusual given all the small parts involved), he informed us one of the parts that needed to be converted could not be removed. My husband went to see if he could help and saw the screw component was completely stripped. And that it was the only piece he had worked on for over two hours! He started to work on the others while we were outside and we asked what he was going to do about the stripped part and he couldn’t answer us, he just continued to work on the conversion - which made no sense because at this point the range was junk - a $3000+ range ruined!

Finally, my husband asked for a phone number for a supervisor, hesitantly the installer provided us with the Driver Support and Installation group number. There Lisa told us they could do nothing until the unit was returned to the warehouse. The installer didn’t seem to want to leave and started getting rude with my husband. He would not talk to the installation service rep after we called them again explaining he was still in our driveway with the unit and would not leave. After another hour he finally started, very slowly, packing up and left with the unit, leaving screws in our driveway.

Sunday, 11/1/20, we called and spoke with Brandon who agreed the installation was mishandled and he would have someone contact us Monday to arrange another delivery. We told him we did not want the same unit, or installer hooking up our gas appliance as he seemed very inexperienced, he understood and said Best Buy would make it right.

Monday, 11/2/20, nobody called us by noon. I called and spoke with Cookie, who said she would look into and get back to me. She did not by late afternoon, so I called and spoke with Jason, who was rather rude. He explained, as if I was unable to comprehend, the unit had not been returned and until it was they could not do anything. When my husband came home he was unhappy with the response Jason gave and he called and spoke with Anthony - who in a much nicer manner said the same thing.

Tuesday, 11/3/20, by late afternoon after still no contact from Best Buy so I called and asked for a manager. I spoke with Tanya, at Location 1229 - she said she would reach out to the warehouse Area Manager to find out where the unit was and would get the process running to get a new unit out to us. She promised Best Buy would make the order right and us happy. She was supposed to call back Wednesday with an update.

Wednesday, 11/4,20, came and no call. I called and spoke with 2 people both disconnected me after I gave them my info. On my third attempt I spoke with Janey who said she would ask Tanya to call me - that never happened.

Thursday, 11/5/20, called and spoke with Kristin who told me she would have Tanya call, and assured me that Tanya would definitely help as she was a manager and I could trust our order would be corrected. No call by the afternoon.  So I called yet again, spoke with Yvette who said she didn’t understand why we weren’t getting any assistance. She checked and said the unit was returned, but now it was on BACKORDER...they were in stock on Monday when Best Buy should have made the order right with or without the damaged range being in their warehouse! So here I sit with no range and the holidays approaching!

Very frustrating...and Calling your Customer Service group even worse - they are very nice group but do not understand English very well and quite difficult to communicate with, so that got me nowhere.  

We have bought many items from Best Buy over the years, multiple televisions, iPads, laptops, etc. and for most part things have gone well.

I would like to understand why this happened - and want your executive officers to be alerted that this type of customer handling is unacceptable if they want people to continue doing business with Best Buy. This is a very competitive world where we have many options to buy from other companies.


It will be a long time, if ever, we purchase from Best Buy again!


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Re: Formal Complaint - Appliance Installation

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Welcome to our community, pvserra.


Many modern appliances are designed with versatility in mind, and I can understand your desire to convert your new gas range to run on propane instead. I’m sad to hear that the Agent may not have been able to successfully complete the fuel conversion as expected. Although it sounds like the installation may not have gone to plan, I would be happy to take a deeper look into the situation and go over our options. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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