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Formal Complain: No show on Delivery and No notification

I ordered a dishwasher and paid to have it delivered and installed from the Best Buy in Grand Junction, CO. Had a day scheduled for delivery got texts and emails confiming the appointment. They gave me a window of 7am to 1 pm. Took an entire day off work. The delivery window comes and goes. I figure the delivery people have a full day so I wait another 4 hours afterword and nothing. Call customer service and they tell me the dishwasher was picked up by a third party to be installed and that it should be on the way. Get put on hold again as the rep calls dispatch. She finally comes back and says the third party never put us on their schedule and now it is my responsibility to make sure I reschedule with the third party installer. What kind of company can't doesn't even have the decency to make sure the people that they hire to install a product purchased by them knows when it's supposed to be installed. Or at least gives the customer a call so that they don't lose an entire day of income by waiting around for something that isn't going to show up. 

So now the appliance I purchased is in the possesion of some third party company I have never dealt with or spoken to, and now it's no longer Best Buy's problem, and I have to make sure to get ahold of them to reschedule a delivery. So I will most likely lose another day of income waiting around for something to show up. No wonder Best Buy has such a bad customer service reputation. If this is the stuff they pull I'm surprised more people haven't turned them into the Better Business Bureau. I'm thinking of cancelling the order and getting a refund but I'm sure they will say it's too late since they are no longer in possession of the dishwasher. And why is it they send you to a forum to make complaints and don't have a customer support email to send to? 

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Re: Formal Complain: No show on Delivery and No notification

Hey, kchatter,


After taking the day of to get this dishwasher installed, and then being told you need to work with the installers directly, I can of course understand your concerns here. It is correct that we do have dishwasher installations done by separate companies for us, but it is complete reasonable for you to expect this to be seamless on your end. I would love to be an advocate on your behalf, and do what I can to resolve this for you. Can you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number? To send me a private message click on the message button in my signature.



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