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Floor damage during delivery

In December 2021, I purchase a refrigerator from Best Buy.  During delivery Best Buy personnel damaged my wooden floors. I went through the process of filing a claim and was contacted by a Sedgwick claims administrator on 11 January 2022. He requested an estimate and pictures, which I provided on 28 January 2022.  Several days after providing documents to Sedgwick, an estimator arrived to personally verify the damage.  Since that date, I have contacted the claim administrator weekly by email and phone but he was always unavailable. At some point I expected to get a call back or return email, but no response either way. Whenever I call the Sedgwick claims administrator, an emergency phone number was always given, which I called each time.  With each call, I went through the same process; they try to call the claims administrator (which always fail), and finally they send a message to the claim administrator and his/her supervisor to generate a call-back (which I never received). At this point I would like an update before someone try to close my claim due to inactivity.

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Re: Floor damage during delivery

Hello, frankfurt,


Welcome to our Community Forums.


Any delays in getting a resolution for your damage claim are never ideal. We appreciate reaching out so we can offer additional support however possible. To get started with this process, send over a Private Message with your:


*Your full name

*Phone number

*Email address

*Order number

*Claim number


To send a “Private Message,” click the blue button next to my signature. We look forward to your message.




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