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First worst customer service.... Decieving BB emplyees not even saying sorry to me.

Made a new account so I could share this horrid experience with others so they can think twice before relying on BestBuy service which you shouldn't, because BB claims to have top to bottom customer service/employees. Jay a BB employee eating gummy bears in front of me and proceeds to damage my base with his nails without even noticing (big guy with big hands also has a tattoo on his wrists somewhere), lacking professionalism heavily? They didn't even bother checking the cameras. Below is my honest customer expeirence in detail:


I never get screen protectors but this is the first time I've gotten one and have the employees apply it on for me additionally paying another $8 fee for an iPhone XS armor screen protector. I AM PAYING for someone else to apply it for me, so I have HIGH expectations. Jay the BB employee damaged my leather case with his big nails (when I see this damage, it reminds me of Jay which is highly unpleasant customer service and gets stuck in my brain), he was also eating gummy bears during work (Go look check surveillance)! So unprofessional.... I went straight to Customer Service to address this issue wanting to speak to a Geek Squad manager. I told him about the situation, proceeded to grab my phone and walk away to ask Jay if he has damaged my leather case with his nails. Geek Manager comes back saying that "Jay didn't do it." I witnessed Jay damaged my $50 leather case right in front of my face. They both didn't even consider saying "Sorry" and sounded like 100% that the Manager and Jay were not at fault and couldn't do anything about it. I told him to look at the cameras (didn't try at all) and didn't even care for the customer (me), totally trusting Jay that he didn't do ANYTHING wrong. My mom was also with me during the entire time and witnessed what Jay did. Right before I leave the store the Manager and Jay yelling at me saying "See! He doesn't have nails!", that made me feel like they thought the customer was crazy and not themselves. They make it seem like it isn't a big deal but for the customer it's a BIG DEAL.


This was my first customer experience with BestBuy and it put a disgustingly horrible first impression on BB customer service along with GeekSquad. I would be fine if Jay hadn't damaged my case and gave a sincere sorry at the least in front of the me, following the Geek Manager BUT DIDN'T.  As long as I have this deep nail scuff, I will always remember this horrid experience like a song. I wont be doing business NO MORE with BestBuy!! NOBODY cant do anything, seems to be their slogan.