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Filing a complaint with the corporate office

I would to like file a complaint with the corporate office in regards to my refund. I have purchased a washer and dryer for my tenants on 2/11 with cash and scheduled the delivery for 2/16. The appliance were delivered to the wrong address and I could not re-schedule the delivery another day until the appliance were returned to a warehouse. I decided to place another order so my upset tenants can get the appliance asap. I have asked the store associate to add a note in the system to have the delivery guys give me a call an hour before the delivery but my husband received a call when they were in the front of my tenant 's house and they refused to wait few minutes. I had to cancel both orders. Both orders were cancelled on 2/19. It has been over five weeks and I still did not receive my refund. I spoke to the appliance department, Jacob and the store manager, Steve. Both of them refused to the ownership of the issue and help me get me refund. They referred my to customer services. I have called customer service multiple time and every customer service representative is referring me to the store. When I was purchasing my appliance, Jacob did not inform that I cannot get my refund right away if I pay for the order in cash. I have been escalating this issue for the past week but no one wants to help. Neither Jacob or Steve ever apologize for the inconvenience or offer any help. They keep passing the issue to customer service. I have been on leave of absence for the past few days and I have been seeing a doctor because health has been declining due to chronic stress causedby this issue. The chronic stress is tearing on my body, too and making existing problems worse. Please help me to get my money back!