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Filing a Complaint

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Here's my history:


11/16/2018 - made an online seamless purchase for a Thinkware DashCam F200D (ORDER # {removed per forum guidelines}). 

11/16/2018 - was able to also get a GeekSquad appointment made for 12/14/2018. One month wait! But oh well.


12/14/2018 - I get to BestBuy Bellevue at 9:55am per the appointment reminder email to be there 5min prior to 10am. 


(rest of the entries are assumed 12/14/2018 FRI)


10:10AM - someone finally opens a door. Pat discovers I didn't order a separate wire accessory kit. The online website order never prompted me to order it, nor did I even know at the time. We do a search of stores who has the kit and the closest is Tacoma, WA (about 40 miles away). I offer to drive there and get it and come back and the GeekSquad was willing to work me in. The two men at the garage at least are trying to see if there are other stores with openings during the weekend. 


10:30AM - I drive off to the Tacoma, WA Best Buy w/ instore purchase (ORDER #{removed per forum guidelines})


~12:30PM - I get back to Bellevue, WA Best Buy and alas the guys will work my installation in. They quoted a possible time of 3:30pm


4:04PM - I get a call saying that the installation is complete. 


* What could have taken 1-2 hours and be done by say 12noon from a 10am appointment made a month ago, lasted SIX hours instead with an 80 mile round trip. None of which I was compensated for after using gas but more preciously, TIME wasted. My grievances are simple:


= Website / online orders should take into account that such accessory parts are needed for installation with GeekSquad. 


= No apology was given. No one claimed responsibility. 


= There's absolute no desire to get the job done today with urgency. It was a lax attitude and apathetic stance of the staff as if they're really saying "I really don't care and it just sucks to be you." There was no customer centered drive to make things happen today. I had to volunteer to go get the parts so that on my delibately scheduled day off, I needed it done today. 


Could you compensate me for the installation by refunding the installation cost at the very least? I just hope that the online IT dept would take future orders from customers into consideration if accessory parts are needed. 



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Re: Filing a Complaint

Theres other people that have appointments, and asking for you to be assisted before everyone else is also disrespectful to the other customers. Second, you made the mistake to not research the product you were purchasing and did not but the necessary parts. That is your fault and not best buy. Finally, best buy does not drive out to get those parts that you failed to purchase.
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Re: Filing a Complaint

So Goylor, you're great at recounting the very obvious which I had inferred in my statement. You're stance about doing research takes one big assumption into account - like we all know something about everything we purchase. Maybe you do, but my argument is why didn't the website have an algoithm in place to show that I needed the extra parts?  I do surgery for a living and I don't expect my patients to know every part that goes into the surgery. Likewise, I expected BestBuy's site to guide me to every part of what I wouldn't know as the average consumer purchasing a dashcam for the very first time. Also, I don't expect to cut in line and be  assisted before anyone. I had a 10am appointment and all I'm saying is that it was wasted due to my first point and I site the fault of the online system of Best Buy.  I know Best Buy wouldn't drive out to get parts, which is why I went and got it. So if you're such the expert and can find fault in my statement, why is the website so at fault?? If you can point to this then you can see the whole online buying process is not so smooth and doesn't fill in the whole picture.  One suggestion, almost insist on buying things in packages together like the dashcam and the accessory wires together and let the customer delete the accessory cables if needed or better yet purchase it and give a refund later if its deemed not needed. The whole point of doing this with the Geek Squad is so that someone else can do a full installation for me and not just get the dash cam without the accessory. Then, I wouldn't need Geek Squad. I think you really fail to see the big picture of what's going on.  I'm thinking you probably approach things so half scewed and with no empathy to where someone is coming from that you'd be the worst person for customer service relations. Just saying. 

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Re: Filing a Complaint

Hello DanHwang,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us about this. I apologize that a needed part was missing from that order.

We do our best to make sure all needed parts are added on when an order is placed with an appointment for installation is created. It sounds like we fell short on this for you, and didn’t give you a great experience in trying to find a resolution for you.

While we would not be able to compensate you for that trip you had to take to get the additional part, I’d still like to take a closer look into your order so that I can document this to help prevent this kind of thing from happening again in the future.

Please reach out to me through a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. Please include your name, email address, and phone number in that message.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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