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File complaint with corporate. Terrible service.

In February I purchased and was charged for my order of a new stove and refrigerator. Came to just over $1,700. I was told I needed to wait until March 27th for delivery, which was just over a month, because they like to deliver both items together. I waited for my delivery date. THE MORNING OF MY DELIVERY, I received a call from the delivery associate. He told me they didn’t have my refrigerator; it was back ordered. I never was told this until the day of delivery. They delivered my stove and told me to call the manager at my local Best Buy. I did. I explained what happened. She expressed no care or concern. Just told me to drive to the store to look at what else they had or wait another 4 weeks and hope the refrigerator I paid for was in stock. While sitting at home the night of the day I was to receive my order, I saw that my local store had 1 of the refrigerators in stock. How can that be? Maybe it’s incorrect and wasn’t removed off the inventory. I decided to drive 40 minutes to the store. Talked to a manager and they called the store that had it “in stock.” This store too was about 40 minutes away, but the store I drove to was the store my delivery was out of. They called and were told that sure enough, they have it in back, new in the box. How does that get missed? She told them to hold it for me and told me I would get a call the next day, Thursday, to set up delivery. Thursday goes by, no call. I called. She told me that the delivery associates were in meetings all day and she was having a hard time getting in contact with anyone. That she would leave a detailed message for them and I would get a call the next day, Friday. Friday call! I called. This time the girl tells me I should get a call sometime over the weekend. More waiting for a fridge that is just sitting there on hold for me, has been paid for, and was supposed to be delivered 2 days ago. Saturday, I get a call from my local Best Buy. I was thinking, they actually are calling me! Awesome! The guy tells me that my refrigerator is back ordered and I need to wait 4 weeks for delivery!!! I told him that they have my fridge, in the back of the store he is calling me from. He said “oh, I guess that makes sense as to why it’s showing we are waiting on the manufacturer.” He tells me he will get this figured out and give me a call back before the end of the day. No call!!!! My money has been taken, my fridge is literally sitting in the back of the store, I’ve seen the Best Buy geek squad truck driving a block near my house, haven’t gotten a single productive call back! I worked in customer service for 15 years. This is the worst I have seen or experienced. If I have a dealership $1700 for a car and then never got my car, I’d be pretty upset! I’m at a loss! No one seems to know what is going on or how to provide customer service in my stores. At this point, I don’t know how to get what I purchased.