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File a complaint

I am trying to file a formal complaint but nowhere says how to. I’ve called 1888BESTBUY supposedly talked to someone at the complaint department to transferred to a different department. Then I was told I had to do it online. This is just ridiculous!


My product was supposed to be delivered on the 22nd. Got a call the night before (after I got confirmation of my delivery time for the next day) saying the product was on backorder even though it was available on the website and gave me that delivery date. So I had to reschedule due to corporate cancelling the delivery. I rescheduled for the 26th. On that day the time came and went when it was supposed to be delivered. Called the 1888 number, talked with a Geek Squad agent. After a while the agent called the warehouse and they said they didn’t put it on the delivery truck. So I was transferred to central dispatch to fix. After explaining everything all over again I was told they can’t help me and I would have to call the store to reschedule. Frustrated with this I just went on the app and rescheduled it myself. The least that could’ve happened is that I got a call from the warehouse explaining what happened and trying to make it right. Nope not even a phone call, email or anything’s. After all this I called to file a complaint. When I talked with a person at the complaint department they told me I had the wrong department and transferred me. Again I had to reexplain myself to them and the to be told that is the wrong department and that I had to go online to file a complaint. While on the website there is no clear place to do this. So after doing a Google search I am trying this.

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Re: File a complaint

Hello cubano0013,


I am deeply sorry to hear that this is the experience you've had with us. That's certainly not how the situation should have been handled, and I wish I could have seen this sooner to assist you. If you'd still like to make a formal complaint, please send me a private message using the link in my signature below. I'll need you to confirm your full name, phone number, and email address, and I'll make sure everything is captured correctly regarding this experience. 



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