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File a complaint Mt Juliet TN Best buy

Hello, I hope corporate will read this email and get back with me!!! This is a complaint on geek-squad service, I had gone to get a car overhead dvd player installed in my Nissan Pathfinder and the technician looked at the inside of my vehicle prior to scheduling me for the installation. He then had me pay $175 with the total tech care member discount and had me scheduled for a service about 1 month later. Come day of installation when i showed up, they denied service saying they cannot install the dvd in my car and offered to refund the installation fee, when I questioned why did they even take my appointment in the first place they said we are sorry, I am now stuck with a $400 dvd that I had bought online outside of bestbuy that I dont know what to do!!!!! I hope corporate takes notice of this issue and calls me or emails me to resolve this. The store managers name was Jonathan in Mt Juliet, TN.
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Re: File a complaint Mt Juliet TN Best buy

Hello, rgnash,


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on the Best Buy forum. I’m disheartened to hear that your AutoTech installation didn’t go the way that we would hope. I can imagine it would be quite frustrating if an issue with installation of your product was discovered the day you went in for service.


While I cannot promise a different outcome, I would be happy to take a look into this and provide your feedback to the store. So I can get started, can you send me a private message with some additional details? I’ll need your full name, phone number, email address, and (if possible) your installation order number. Once you are signed into the forum, you should be able to select the “private message” option in my signature below.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: File a complaint Mt Juliet TN Best buy

Kayla, I had sent you a personal reply with all the details you have asked for, let me know what you can do.


I am also publicly posting some additional information so other folks coming to this forum can see what Geek Squad is doing to its customers:


More information: When I went in yesterday 4/26 at 2 PM CST,  the technicians had a blank face as if they did not even expect that there was reservation for a DVD overhead install and when he came to know why I was there, he was clearly trying to show his frustration at me and would even open the customer side entrance door!!!!! I had to aks him 5 or 6 times before they would go to the other side and unlock the door, during the conversation the technician said that this kind of install would take 6 hours and he did not understand why the original tech guy who had scheduled my resevration had marked 4 hours in the first place, so it feels like he was not willing to do the work and wanted me to turn away saying he could not install this DVD in my car and suggested that I go elsewhere (I believe he was saying CO Brothers or some one that can do this) What I dont understand is if you guys are incapable of doing this, why would you take the money from me 2-3 weeks before for the install??? I had spent almost $400 on the DVD player online and paid for shipping and now I dont know what to do with this player I am stuck with!!!! Also when I spoke to the Store manager Jonathan, he clearly did not want me there in front of the other customers and tried to hurry me out by offering me a service refund and not willing to resolve this issue.  It was very disgusting to see this kind of behaviour from this store!!!!!



I also have total tech care and with this kind of behaviour, I would not even consider renewing it for next time and would let all my contacts know to stay away from geek squad service!!!!