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Faulty Car Radio and Installation Issues

I purchased my husband a Pioneer radio for Christmas and paid to have it installed. I obviously had to purchase a new  interface and dash kit, which also swapped out the temperature control gauges. The radio has not functioned properly after it was installed in January and we had taken it in for adjustments in February. The Apple Car play does not stay connected, nor does the USB connection work properly. This has also started to impact the temperature controls in the car as well, as everything is now through the radio.


My dilemma - your customer service is horrible, and I keep getting sent in cirlces no matter what number I call and can never actually connect to someone who is capable of helping. When I go to the local stores, they are unable to help as you have furloughed all of your car tech people. 


This needs to be fixed - and it should be covered by your company. I need resolutions to honor what I paid for and the product that was purchased. If you are able to still continue to sell the products, you should still be more than capable of honoring your warranty and service agreements. 


How do I contact someone who can actually assist? 

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Re: Faulty Car Radio and Installation Issues

Carplay is a glitchy nightmare no matter the platform.  Apple has attempted to make it better, but in some instances for every one step forward is two steps back.  Almost 100% of that platform is ran by the phone, with the car stereo acting as an "external display".  


What vehicle do you have in which you state the radio controls the temperature controls?  I cannot think of any radio where this is the case.  If the factory radio did control these, or have the functions built in, an aftermarket radio would require a dash kit that split these functions as aftermarket radios do not handle these functions.


Car installation is shut down companywide to my knowledge, the local store should be able to assist in taking your information and let you know when they return to perform installations and repair work.

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Re: Faulty Car Radio and Installation Issues

Hi there, amybwallace, 


Thank you for reaching out, and for your patience in awaiting our reply. I'm sure your husband was ecstatic to have a new radio installed in his vehicle for Christmas. While I'm sure he appreciates the thought, I can understand why it not working properly would leave you both disappointed. 


We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee, so if the issues you're encountering are from our install, your local store where this install was completed would absolutely be the best option for a resolution. As jdogg836 mentioned though, our car installation services have been suspended in response to COVID-19, though some stores have been able to resume services. I would be happy to take a look at the situation in your area and see what options we may have for you. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for the private message I'm sending your way. 



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Re: Faulty Car Radio and Installation Issues

Exact same thing happened to me! Purchased right before pandemic, like literally in March of that year. Started having problems, the location that installed it closed its installation department. Took it to another location when store re-opened and it began glitching first so they said oh we can't do anything about it. Now, it's completely not working and wiped out my entire panel, no horn, none of the USB's work and I do community mental health as a therapist. I'm stuck in the community, with no charge, no horn to protect myself if anything happens to me and now no oone will help!