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Faulty Amp or installation

I purchased a sub/amp/wiring kit from and scheduled to have it installed on March 2nd at your Altoona, PA location. The install took longer than expected but that didn't bother me. After the tech told me my car was done, I got the keys from him and went to my car. I started it up and turned my XM radio on going through the parking lot to see how it sounded. 


It was almost as if there wasn't even an amp or subwoofer there. I turned around and went back, and asked him why it sounded so bad. He made an adjustment to the amp, and the song I was listening to sounded better than before, so I started for home. I noticed that some songs sounded OK while others sounded as if I never had the amp/sub installed. I decided to do some research, thinking maybe the amp was under powered for the sub, but everything I found said it should be hitting pretty hard. I asked about information on other car audio forums and someone asked me to tell them where the amp settings were. I told him the gain was max, the bass boost was at 8, and the LPF was at 180. His reply was that if the adjustments were set there, the amp/sub could be damaged.


Now I'm no expert, which is why I had bestbuy install it to begin with, but I also turned my radio off just in case the internet guy is correct. What can I do to have this thing re-checked to ensure everything is right or if the amp is OK? Should I just make an appointment with another BestBuy? Will I be expected to pay again if there is an issue?

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Re: Faulty Amp or installation

Hello, Fisherfamily,


Welcome to our forums, and congrats on your new amp and subwoofer purchase!  I know I’d want to make sure my amp and subwoofer is giving me the best sound possible, so I’ll be happy to help answer your questions.


Any installation services performed by our Geek Squad come with a lifetime installation warranty for the lifetime of the vehicle, including all mounting and wiring, provided that no additional installation work has taken place concerning the installed product (your amp and subwoofer in this case), other than by an authorized Best Buy Mobile Electronics Installation Center.  If you’re still having trouble with these products, feel free to utilize our installation warranty and schedule a service with your local Geek Squad by following this link, or by phone at 1-800-GEEK-SQUAD (1-800-433-5778).


If you have any other questions regarding our Geek Squad Autotech service terms and conditions, they can be found here.  Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Forums again!


All the best,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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