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Failure to Deliver!

I made a mistake. I trusted best buy to deliver a washer/dryer combo to me. I thought by purchasing on their website and getting a scheduled delivery time that they would follow through and actually deliver.

I did my part I paid them so I puzzled as to what else was needed from me.

I received calls, emails and text messages confirming my delivery not one but numerous times in the time frame from when I purchased to day before delivery day.

I made a delivery schedule 18 days after I purchased it - not because I just wanted to wait and allow my family's dirty clothes just pile up until I have to inconveniently haul them to a laundry mat so that we could feel like normal people with clean clothes - living in the south with 90-100 degree weather wearing dirty clothes passes all decency factors to be courteous to others out the window - even with 6 foot distancing its not kosher. So I digress, I Scheduled 18 days after my purchase date because it was first available as I am a single parent and I have to work outside of the home so Saturday or after 5 is my only option. So I prepared for my scheduled delivery yesterday (Sept 12) in a horrible window of 8 hours. With Saturday also being my only day to plan activities and run errands - I was unable to due to having to wait for 8 hours for Best Buy to show up - WHEN THEY DIDNT NOR DID THEY CALL!!!

So I called customer service 8:00 pm only to be on hold with no answer for 16:45 minutes so I took that as they were closed for the day.

I did however call customer service 2 days prior to my scheduled delivery to see if they could tell me when my eta was in that 8 hour window because I had plans. I was advised that I was #4 so he really felt positive I would hear from them around 11:40 am - 12:00 pm so basically I was the first delivery in my 8 hour window because I was 2nd window of the day the deliveries before me would be in 7-11 am window. I sat, sat, sat & waited No call, nothing.

So I called an hour ago on Sunday only to be put on hold 2 times to be told there was a problem with my order and he had to escalate my order to another department. They would be in touch with me within 24-36 hours for redelivery.

So I encourage anyone that finds themselves looking for a delivery from best buy because they probably had a good deal versus other big box stores nearby, pay the extra - because you get what you pay for.
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Re: Failure to Deliver!

Hello, irratecustomer1,


Thank you for taking the time to join our Support Forums and share your experience with us.  Upgrading your family’s appliances should be an exciting experience, so it’s disappointing to hear your delivery this past Saturday did not go as expected.


If you’re still in need of assistance getting this delivery rescheduled, I recommend connecting with our Geek Squad Client Care team directly at (800) 304-1259.  This team is designed to address any issues that may arise during the delivery and installation process, and calls are accepted between 8 a.m.—9 p.m. CT, 7 days a week.  I’m optimistic they’ll be able to address your concerns.



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