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Failure by Geek Squad/NAL Group to Install

I've had three cancelled and rescheduled installations so far for an over the stove microwave oven. This is in a two month period. I spent an hour chasing around the internet trying to find a good contact point. Finally got to talk to someone at a company called NAL Group. I've been scheduled for another month out. Three months to install a microwave??


Best Buy contracts with Geek Squad for installations and Geek Squad in turn subcontracts with NAL Group for installations. I managed to talk to someone at NAL, and I was informed that there were problems with the installers in my area (Nashville) and all installations had been cancelled. Must be a pretty serious problem.


Best Buy installation service is pre-paid, so Best Buy has my money, but the company is unable to perform the service they advertise. This is a serious customer service issue; however, the senior management of Best Buy has chosen to insulate itself from direct contact with customers: No emails to the Board, no emails to management, all customer contact is through an 800 number and phone tree. This forum seems to be the only way to send a message, although I have no idea where the message goes.


Business practices like this allow senior management to pretend that things are fine, while the business rots from the bottom up. The Better Business Bureau rating for Best Buy is 1.4 stars out of 5! I suggest senior managers need to get closer to customers. They are where your business lives and dies. Believe me. I was in senior management at JC Penny, and i watched that company rot from the bottom up. 



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Re: Failure by Geek Squad/NAL Group to Install

Hey there, garykaufman!


Thanks for joining out community here on the Best Buy Forums. I am sorry to hear that your microwave was not able to be installed when originally anticipated. I am happy to look into this situation further! To get started, can you please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it). You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button under my signature. 



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Re: Failure by Geek Squad/NAL Group to Install