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Failed delivery attempt; need to reschedule Order # {Removed as per forum guidelines}

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Yesterday my appliance was scheduled for delivery. When it came time to deliver, I was at my desk. I had provided very specific instructions on how to access my office in the delivery notes.


Instead of coming into my office, the driver sat in the car and took a picture of the parkling lot. He supposedly tried to call but i did not receive the call. When I called customer support they told me the driver had left because he couldn't find my location and couldn't contact me.


less than 30 minutes later i received an email from BestBuy that the order had been delivered when it HAD NOT.


I spent morethan half an hour on hold and only the line to speak with GeekSquad to arrange immediate redelivery. The issue was escalated on my behalf. I had staff here waiting to accept delivery. 


The escalation team contacted me and said they couldn't reschedule a delivery until the next morning and that someone on the team would call me. The person who was assigned to my ticket told me he wouldn't be in the office today. He said he would pass it on to someone else to take care of. I requestd specifically for someone to call me first thing. I asked if he could set it as a priority. He gave me attitude and said all the tickets were a priority but would not give ma call reference number or a ticket number. In other words, I had no assurance that anyone had taken ownerhsip of my issue. 


This morning, as I suspected and especially in light of his attitude, no one called me from the escalation team. I again contacted Geek Squad. Ricardo in the Meyerland office said that he had to request help from a supervisor. That was three hours ago.


I have been waiting on the phone to talk to customer service since no one has called me to reschedule. The first call -- after a 30 minute wait, dropped. The second call I was transfer and transfered again, then dropped. I am currently on hold now -- approaching 30 minutes which will put the grand total amount of wasted time i have spent on the phone tryign to get this resolved at somewhere around 3 hours.


Please escalate this issue and have a supervisor who has authority to make things happen return my call and resolve this failed delivery attempt.


Thank you,

Mai {Removed as per forum guidelines}

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tuesday 2:27pm CST --

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Re: Failed delivery attempt; need to reschedule Order # {Removed as per forum guidelines}

Hello, Mai, 

Although, I wish this were under better circumstances, we welcome you to our community!

As you may have already noticed, your post has been edited and we have removed your personal information, per our community guidelines. 

We have been in contact with you via your Twitter posts as well and ask that we please continue our conversation there so that we may get this resolved for you as soon as possible. I will be responding back to your Twitter messages shortly. 


Thank you, 

Dariela|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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