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Failed DashCam sale, installation and support

My BestBuy journey:

Someone backed into my car and caused a good bit of damage, which cost me some insurance deductable and all the hassel that goes with it.

So i figured i would purchase front and back dashcames to help resolve any future events of this type
did the research, talked with 'your' sales people, decided on the product and services required to put these dashcams in my car.


I headed over to the BestBuy web site, found what i needed (Garmin 67w, Garmin Mini2, 2 installation kits, 1 polorized lens) i then tried to check out but was informed by the site 'can not be validated' I'm not sure what that means, but went through that process 3 times. the result was 'no sale' and a reference to the site support.

I then contacted the support site referenced in the webpage, we tried it a couple more times with the same results, then they told me nothing could be done and were sorry they could not help further, resulting in... 'no sale'.

If it would have been me, i would have contacted the nearest best buy store with the customer on the phone, and asked for them to help me purchase, or arrange for a pick up, or something. But that's not the way it turned ou, just got 'Too bad' we can't help you. Any way, I ended up going to Amazon for the purchase, not what i planned but that's the way it worked out.


But not to give up on my local bestbuy, I Contacted Best Buy geeksquad online to install the dash cams, I made an appointment (two weeks out), i never recived any type of confirmation and when i showed up at the appropriate time, i was not on the schedule. The person at the store said i would have to contact the geeksquad site to re-schedule.

I rescheuled, still no confirmation. I re-contacted geeksquad and they could not find my second scheduled appointment, so they made another appointments in 2 weeks (4 weeks now) , this time i got the confirmation and proceeded to my appointment at the requested date/time.


When i arrived the Tech Person was ready and proceded to install the cam's (paid the 2 * $65), but when driving away, i could see they were not working. I drove back and told the person, he looked it over and told me that the installation was fine, when i showed him they would not power on, he rescheduled another appointment (some how he could do it there this time)  After that appointment, the system still did not work correctly, so he asked me to drive to another bestbuy in oshkosh (40 miles or so from appleton) to have another person take a look, the appointment was for two weeks later (6 weeks now), i went to the other location, where the install unfortunatly, actually made it worse, so now i had to unplug everything because of battery drian.

This installer called the orginal installer, who... guess what... made another appointment 2 weeks out, i showed up, he looked it over again while i waited in the store, but then told me he could not figurue it out and would refund my 2 * 65.00 for the front and rear installation.

The installer told me because of a reorg, he was going to be out a job soon anyway, so no use continuing. This is not a slight on the Tech, pretty nice person all-in-all, he just did not have the right skillset for this installation.




So, i don't know what you think, but i call this a "total fail" which cost me time and money, for no results.

  • Web site commerace fail,
  • installation fail,
  • customer service fail


I did find another car stereo/dashcam installer who made the appointment for the next day, i showed up and 2 hours later it was complete and now all is in order.  Bestbuy should have just told me they could not do it i would have understood,  also the 'life time guarenntie' does not seem to be so lifetime after all, seems to me we made and agreement that was just bailed on it. if you all can't stand behind your aggrements, we have no oppertunities going forward


Not one to complain and not have a solution, My advice:

  • Train the online workers to complete the sale, what ever it takes, call the store, process it them selves, take the callers phone/email and resolve and recontact, people have come to you for the product, so finish the sale, that's what they want!
  • Make sure the people booking services have access to the schedules of the service techs, and give the service tech a heads up on what's be sold and what they have promised.
    make sure the tech's have the background and skill set needed in the products you sell to complete the job, training is your friend.
  • Don't make the customer go from one support rep to another telling each one the same story over and over. Assign the rep to the incedient and have them 'own it', 'resolve it' & 'close it'. be that single point of contact for the customer, they'll love it.
  • Make sure the person that is dealing with the issue has the tools and authority to resolve the issue satisfactorily. Escalation means nothing if it does not get resolved anyway.
  • Make sure that when you tell the customer 'you have a life time guarentee' thats exactly what it means, not 'until i don't want to fool with it anymore'. Stand behinde your aggreements.

  • Hopefully i've given you food for thought,
    I also hope this get's to someone who can manage the solutions, and not be buried in some queue somewhere.

Best regards,

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Re: Failed DashCam sale, installation and support

Hello there, willabr,


Thank you for joining us in our community here on the Bet Buy Forum. We strive to provide the best service possible whether that is shopping with us or utilizing one of our install bays for new tech! I would like to take an opportunity to document this feedback.


To do so, please send over a private message with your full name, email and phone number. You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature.



Lindsay|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Failed DashCam sale, installation and support

I've sent the info requested via privatemessage

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Re: Failed DashCam sale, installation and support

Hi there, willabr. 


Thank you for the update. Lindsay has been unavailable, although I had replied to your Private Message on Sunday, May 8. You should see my response in your Best Buy Forums inbox. Your feedback has been formally documented. Again, thank you for sharing your insight with us. If you need further support, you are more than welcomed to reach back out. Our team will do all we can to help. 



Sarah|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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