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I own several apartments and have 2 homes. I buy a LOT of appliances. In February I decided to try Best Buy and it’s become a nightmare.  I purchased a dishwasher and washing machine and continue to have ongoing, unresolved problems with both. (1) Washing machine: I paid for the old washer to be hauled away when the new one was delivered. The delivery persons did not haul the old one away because apparently it was not on their order form for some unknown reason. Best Buy doesn’t know why. I can see the charge on my credit card. I was told by Best Buy customer service earlier this week that the delivery company would call me back to schedule a pick-up. No one ever does. (2) Dishwasher: I ordered a NEW FULL PRICE dishwasher in February. I still don’t have a working one. I’ve received 2 “open box” dishwashers. Both have been broken. Each I’ve had to wait a couple weeks to receive. The first leaked in to the room below, destroying the ceiling. Best Buy sent the install-guys back who determined the dishwasher was pouring water from the side. The replacement dishwasher, also an “open box” (I saw it coming out of the truck) has a computer problem and goes haywire: Cutting off cycles, sometimes after 30 minutes, sometimes after 5 minutes. It shows error messages on the display like “clean” or “water tap” or crazy letter/number combos. It’s broken.  So now I await a 3rd dishwasher to replace it. Originally I was told it would arrive Saturday 3/23…then I received an email showing a delivery date on Thurs 3/27…an impossible day for me.  I’ve moved it now to 3/28, but I’m not getting the Saturday delivery that I was originally promised.  I’ll have to miss a day at work. I’ve spent over $100 in tips already and am still not finished with either delivery.


I’ve been assigned a case manager “Brittany” which means no one will speak to me through the regular customer service line and I can’t get Brittany to call me back after 5 attempts. I left a message earlier this week. And tried calling 3 times last night (was hung up on all 3 times… once during transfer, once while on hold and once my a very rude man in Escalations who questioned why I wanted to speak to Britany and said he didn’t know who that was and I had to go back to customer service and put me on an abrupt, never-ending hold when I asked his name, unwilling to provide it.) I called again this morning and “Escalations” told me Brittany wasn’t in yet and I asked if anyone else could help me. She asked the problem and I started with needing the pickup of the old washer (that I was charged for) scheduled. She tried to blow me off by saying that the guys delivering the washing machine on 3/28 would just take it.  First off, I know that’s not how it works… it has to be scheduled. Secondly, the dishwasher delivery is in a completely different city than the washing machine pick-up. 30 miles away.

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Hello loricole987,


Thank you for reaching out to us through our forums. I want to turn this experience around for you as I can see that you have had various issues. Purchasing new appliances should be exciting and an easy process! Will you please send me a Private Message with your full name, phone number, and order number? You may send me a Private Message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue "Private Message" Button that is included in my signature below.


Thank you!



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