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FORMAL COMPLAINT - Flawed TV installation

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zI have also been a customer of Best Buy for many years (over 40) and spent thousands of dollars on computer equipment, audio and video equipment, along with annual Geek Service Agreements.


This is a FORMAL CUSTOMER COMPLAINT concerning complete lack of support or follow up related to a FLAWED

TV installation December 5, 2019. 


November 24, 2019, I purchased a Sony 49” television, 2M HDMI cable and Delivery & Basic Setup. The cable was required, in the event, the cable I had installed at home needed to be replaced.


Following are the details of this order / invoice.


Store: Richfield MDC #404 / BBY #281

Invoice: {removed per forum guidelines}

Date: 11-24-18

Type: Delivery


Ship to: Mike {removed per forum guidelines}

            {removed per forum guidelines}

            {removed per forum guidelines}


Delivery Date: 12-05-18

salesperson: {removed per forum guidelines} Semsudin {removed per forum guidelines} (Magnolia)


Item : XBR49X900F Sony TV 49” 4K HDR      $899.99

           Delivery & Basic Setup.                             99.98

           Forest 2M HDMI                                        55.96


December 5, 2018 the TV and cable were delivered. The TV was installed. The cable was not required.

The installer programmed the TV, connected the TV to the receiver, connected it to the Comcast Infinity 

box. The installer demonstrated how to use the remote to connect to both the cable service and the purchased

applications such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.


Prior to leaving I asked the installer if the headphone was connected to the TV and if it worked.

He said it did. I asked if he was leaving me the cable to return for credit. He said, at the end 

of the day, he would return the HDMI cable and issue credit for the cable. 


The headset did not work. The Netflix application “timed out” about 20 to 30 minutes and an error message 

appeared on the screen. There was no credit issued for the cable.


Within one week after installation, I called the store and spoke to the salesperson, Semsudin {removed per forum guidelines} ({removed per forum guidelines}) and explained the situation with the credit and the installation issues. He said he would contact the installer and get back concerning the credit and the setup issues.


I did not hear back and phoned again approximately two weeks later. I spoke to Mr. {removed per forum guidelines}  again. He stated 

he was still trying to get ahold of the installer, and “would get back to me”.


Another two weeks and I did not hear back from Mr. {removed per forum guidelines}. I went to the store and spoke Mr. {removed per forum guidelines} and received

the same reply, “Trying to get ahold of the installer. I will get back to you.”


After no reply, I contacted Comcast Infinity tech support and arranged for a visit. The Comcast Infinity tech, connected 

the headphones and reprogrammed the Internet connected to eliminate Netflix from “timing out”. The Comcast

Infinity Tech said the issue causing the Netflix “time out”, was due to connecting internet to the receiver and then the Comcast Infinity box. All that was required was to go from the internet to the Comcast Infinity box. 


We have had had no issues since.


Two more weeks and no reply. January 21, 2019, I returned to the store and spoke to the store manager. 

He took me to the Magnolia area of the store and (after over 6 weeks) issued the credit.


I told the Store Manager, that, after no support whatsoever from Best Buy, Magnolia, Geek, or whoever

does your installation, I had to contact my cable and internet provider to fix the problem. The store manager introduced me to another Magnolia employee who apparently is responsible for coordinating delivery and setup. I discussed the lack of support and the fact that, after multiple attempts to set support I had to get Comcast Infinity out to get things resolved. 

I received the same reply, “I will contact the installer and get back to you. 


I paid for delivery and setup. The setup was flawed. Much more troubling was the fact that I contacted the salesperson at Magnolia on three occasions; then the store manager at Best Buy Richfield, and another Magnolia employee.  I have not received one call or email from anyone. I received the same response when I contacted the, “I will get back to you.”

i have heard nothing.


Since the 2nd week in December and to this point, March 7. I have received not one reply from anyone at Best Buy.

This after discussing these issues with 3 employees on 5 occasions. 


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Re: FORMAL COMPLAINT - Flawed TV installation

Hey, Mldyste, 


We are sorry to hear that you did not receive the world-class experience we want for our customers.I have paired with a manager in your area, Casey, and Casey would love to give you a call. 


Could you private message me with your phone number, full name, and email so Casey can? 


To send a private message, simply select the blue box labeled Private Message to the right of my signature. 



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