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FORMAL COMPLAING - You left me without a refrigerator!!!

I went to the store last Wednesday, May 4, 2019 and ordered $3,000 in appliances - one of which was a refrigerator. I patiently waited the 6 days for it to be delivered today May 14, 2019. Today when the appliances were being delivered and the guys brought the refrigerator out of the truck, i noticed that it was the incorrect model of refrigerator. This one was a french door Samsung and i ordered a side-by-side. Because of the entire circus that ensued afterwards that left me without a refrigerator, i am now REGRETTING being an HONEST person. The guys proceeded to install the fridge and called their dispatch to report the mistake - they told me typically in these situations they leave the fridge so that the customer will not be WITHOUT a refrigerator, and later they will replace it with the correct model.


Even the drivers were suprised when dispatch told them NO, DO NOT LEAVE IT - LEAVE YOUR CUSTOMER WITHOUT A REFRIGERATOR! I literally planned my move-in around this delivery date. So now we are moved into our new home, and cannot even properly live here because BEST BUY thought it was okay to leave us without a refrigerator! Not only that, but i had to call Geek Squad myself to escalate the claim - because nobody had followed up with me within the hour after the issue was reported. And wait, it gets better!!! i was told that i cannot be guaranteed anything because they have to wait until the INCORRECT refrigerator gets returned to the warehouse in order for them to SCHEDULE a delivery of the correct one!!!


How you all run this business like this and remain successfull is beyond me, you all have absolutely NO customer service resolutions or problem-solving for cases like this. 


What if i was a diabetic and needed my REFRIGERATOR for insulin??? For Best Buy to think that this is okay, to leave an HONEST, PAYING CUSTOMER without a refrigerator on the day they were promised one is absolutley ridiculous.




Not only have you forced me to waste a day away from work and lose wages, i will have to lose ANOTHER DAY because you all made it absolutely impossible to get a replacement the same day with your ridiculous protocols. And who knows when the correct refrigerator will actually be delivered!!! 


Corporate, i hope you're listening. I get that you've made a big name for youself but your customer service and delivery of product is terribly disorganized. Your competitive pricing is NOT WORTH IT! I should have went with Conn's - not only would Conn's have delivered my items quicker, but they also wouldn't have made me wait an entire day for a replacement. Absolutely despicable.


Let's not forget the brand NEW microwave that also was delivered, had a DENT! What are yall doing in the warehouses?!?!?!?!

I hope this message reaches the proper people in time - because i am beyond frustrated and out of patience. I demand a resolution and a refrigerator tomorrow!!!

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Re: FORMAL COMPLAING - You left me without a refrigerator!!!

Hello, AngieGuerra, and welcome to our online community!


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forum. I can definitely understand your disappointment to initially discover that the wrong refrigerator was delivered today. I can only imagine the inconvenience you now face being left with no refrigerator at all, as this incorrect appliance was removed from your home without a replacement. I am truly sorry for this experience, and this is not something we want any of our customers to deal with.


Making a large purchase like this is a big deal, and we hate that we dropped the ball here. I understand you've had issues getting this escalated and resolved, which I know must add additional stress to this situation. I'd like the opportunity to help, and loop in the appropriate support teams on this.


That being said, can you please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number? In addition, can you share the most recent update you have received regarding a potential rescheduled delivery?



Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: FORMAL COMPLAING - You left me without a refrigerator!!!

Thank you for responding quickly, i just private messaged you.