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Extremely disappointed and frustrated with my latest Best Buy experience!!

Dear Support,


Just got off the phone with support. It was one of about seven phone calls, three deliveries, and a service call in the last month. All from one purchase.


We purchased a new washer and dryer Feb. 11th. Delivery was scheduled for the following week. Delivery came and our black washer and dryer came with one white pedestal. No big deal because they were going to schedule and call me back with a date and time it could be delivered. After the weekend went by and no phone call I decided to call myself to get a delivery date from Best Buy for my correct pedestal. The phone call lasted 1 hour and 12 minutes until i finally hung up. During the phone call i drove to Best Buy and talked to the sales guy. (while transfered numerous times and put on hold several times as well) The sales guy initiated the phone call on his end which scheduled the delivery for the correct pedestal so he told me to end the call at 1 hour and 12 minutes! 


Unfortunately that didnt solve my of new pedestal came and we recieved it. Everything finally looked great. Then we started using our dryer. Metal grinding sound prompted us to call back. Total Tech member aloud us to schedule a technician later that week. The 4 hour window came and went. He got tied up late on another call but promised he would still be coming. An hour or so later he called....'Im sorry but I'm at your previous address."  SMH


We havent lived there in 6 years and have made several purchases that have our current address attached to. I accepted the mistake though as he promised to come the following day which was a saturday between 11 and 1. Some time after 2pm the next day (Saturday) I had to call Dave and ask if he forgot about us. He again was delayed by another stop. I believe around 3pm he arrived. Quickly looked over the dryer and found a very larger dent in the brand new dryer frame which now was grinding on the spinning drum. "Sorry i cant fix that so Best Buy will need to replace it."


Again, here is a new delivery date and 4 hour window for you to make sure you're home and waiting for us to finally get part of your $3,000 purchase delivered to you and set up for use.


Well, another new dryer showed up days later with another less intrusive dent in the side frame.....Is it really that hard to get a new product delivered without damage and in the correct color?? 


Although customer service has answered all my calls and tried to make things better, it just hasnt been enough. An offer of $250.00 discount to keep a product i didnt want a dent and scratch on before i even plugged it in doesnt seem fair when I've literally sat and waited hours at my home and on the phone for resolution.


I will say I've had several great experiences with Best Buy and have spent tens of thousands of dollars with them....this purchase just doesnt put a good taste in our mouth's. 


If somebody knows how I can somehow get a better solution please let me know because I'm currently waiting for a response/offer to fix the current situation. 


Thanks for letting me vent!!

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Re: Extremely disappointed and frustrated with my latest Best Buy experience!!

Hello and thanks for reaching out on our Forums, tommysat44. 


We certainly understand the frustration of this experience and would like to look into this further for you.


Could you send me a private message with the following information? You can do this by clicking the blue "Private Message" button in my signature.


  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Order Number

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