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Extended Thermador appliance delays!

If you are doing your reserach to buy thermador applainces and reading this note, stop. Don't buy them....They and best buy are not honest with their shortcoming and still get your money and are not able to delivery the appliances as promised even after 7-8 monts of wait time. 


Last Auguest'21 I purchased $50K+ worth of appliances for two kitchens. we were told everything will be ready by December due to covid situation. Which seemed ok as we were going through remodel and did not need the applainces till early 22. Now I called to schedule the delivery, and BB (bestbuy) telling me not everything is ready. What?  after 7-8 months of wait, they are not ready and no body informed us about this till I called. This is not ok. They said, one of the fridges might be availble in May and the 48" dual range in July. How can I do the final inspection without an oven? how can I move it to the house without a working oven? every day delay in our project costing me $500. They should have told us about this as soon as they got the new back ordered date so we would have changed the appliance brand or line back last year. We would have time to act on the change. Now I am stuck with this brand as all the deisgn and kitchen frame work is based on them. I am sure I can not even return the oven now, as I got a budle purchase, then I need to pay extra for other items. or I need to cancel the whole order and wait in the line for other brands. So I am very much stuck. This is very poor communication, and poor brand care. Both Bestbuy and thermador felt ok to get our money in full and do nothing in return. If I would have bought stock in Aug'21 with $50+K, I could have made 15% return easily. I am sure they are doing the same with our money. So while they profitted from this sale, they delivered nothing to us. so 7-8 months, interest free loan to best buy and thermador so they can pay for their expenses and they even don't have the decency to inform us about extended back order. I am loosing my trust to thermador and best buy. 

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Re: Extended Thermador appliance delays!

Hey, storabi,


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We appreciate taking your time to post with us and share your experience. It’s never our wish for any extended delays in fulfilling your order. As such we can understand your disappointment after learning that your appliances are not ready in order to proceed with your project. We’d like to take a closer look at your order and see if we can gather any additional insights. To get started, send over a Private Message by clicking the blue button next to my signature. In your message, please include:


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