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Escalation Assistance

I've been searching for a way to contact BestBuy corporate. Is there any type of escalation process for issues with appliance delivery and installation?


Despite spending HOURS on the phone with Best Buy I am receiving nothing but empty promises of returned phone calls and assitance.  I have spoken a supervisors who assure me my concerns are valid and that they will address the issue and call me back with no response. I spoke with someone who told me a manager would return my phone call that day and it never happened.  Then I spoke with a supervisor who was extremely unhelpful and said that Best Buy had no way to control the situation.  


Here's the details of the situation... I placed an order for a new washer/dryer on 7/3 for delivery on 7/7 (6 hour delivery window).  When they came on 7/7 everything was going well until it didn't fit by 1/4 of an inch.  I requested the item be returned and the delivery driver encouraged me to take delivery and then do a return / replace in 30 days.  I placed the return / replace on 7/20 (paying more money).  They could not do a delivery until 8/31 (6 hour delivery window).  On 8/31 they arrived and while they were installing the dryer I heard load banging coming from the motor.  Unpon inquire of the condition of the unit I learned that they delivered me open boxed inventory that was damaged.  I refused delivery and asked them to reinstall the pior washer/dryer.  They refused and tried to force me to take delivery of the other items.  I continued to refuse and asked for the items to be put back.  They refused, left the items in my garage uninstalled and drove off.  I called the Geek squad who was appaulled by this and demanded that they return, which they did hours later and reinstalled the original washer/dryer.  Another delivery was scheduled for 10/1 (first available 1 month out - 6 hour delivery window).  Upon arrival I inspected boxes which BOTH had CLEAR forklift marks in them.  They opened the boxes a verfied the items were damaged and I rejected the delivery again.  Another appointment scheduled for 10/7 (first available - 6 hour delivery window).  On 10/7 I waited around all day and they never showed.  After several phone calls, empty promisses, unauthorized/mysterious changes to my contact information I scheduled ANOTHER appointment 11/12 (now 12 hour delivery window).  On 11/7 receive confirmation text for my 11/14 appointment despite not making a change.  Receive a test the morning of 11/11 reminding me of my 11/14 apointment, then a few hours later receive a text telling me to call to schedule my return.  Called Best Buy again spending over an hour on the phone and finally contacting a superviser.  Supervisor told me that I had an appointment on both 11/12 and 11/14.  Said on 11/12 they were going to delivery one item and pick up both the washer and dryer and on 11/14 they would deliver the other.  I told him if they only delivered one item they could only take one item as they had already tried to deliver damaged items twice and no showed for another delivery.  He assured me that he understood the situation, would resolved and call me back.  I NEVER received a return call.  I received an email from Best Buy the morning of 11/12 letting me know they would be there in ~20 minutes.  They never came 11/12 and also did not come on 11/14.  Called them on 11/17 asking to speak to a manager and was told one would call me that day.  I never received a call and called back in teh evening and after 1 1/2 hours spoke to a supervisor who was extremely unhelpful, said everything was outside of Best Buys control and that the next available delivery is 12/30 with a 12 hour window.  I asked for a 6 hour window I was provided earlier as I have wasted SOOOO much time and she said that was not possible nor could she do ANYTHING to assure that an undamage unit arrived that day.


I don't know how you can make this right, because it's become so ridiculous.  I have previously bought many appliances from Best Buy without issue but I am at the end of my rope and confidence that I will ever receive what I paid for.

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Re: Escalation Assistance

Hello, Christine817, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums although I wish it was under better circumstances. We strive to provide the best customer service possible. I'm sorry to hear that your experience so far has not been satisfactory. Getting new appliances should be a joyous time. I know I would have a hard time without appliances so I can understand how you might be feeling. I would like to see if I could be of any help in this matter. If you please could you send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email to get started. to send s private message simply click the blue button to the right of my signature. 




J.Ezra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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