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Elite Plus member many years and will not spend another penny with Best Buy because of delivery

After having a horrible experience with another appliance seller, I cancelled that order and ordered an appliance package from Best Buy. It was the same deal and I could get some points added to my account. Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave and paid to haul away fridge, stove and dishwasher. I moved my stove and refidgerator outside on my deck to make it easier on delivery guys. Moved my microwave downstairs in front of garage, took the gate off my outside stairs to give them clearance (keeping our dogs inside for the delivery window) and handrail off the stairs. Things looked good as we were waiting for delivery. Then the phone call came they were running behind and would be 30 minutes after delivery window, then an hour, then two hours. They showed up three hours after our delivery window right when a thunderstorm popped up. They waited in the truck for about 5 minutes then started driving off. I flagged them down and they said they were heading back and dispatch would call us. I asked them since they kept m,e waiting can they wait 5 more minutes for storm to blow over and was told no. Dispatch would call us to reschedule. I was desperate at this point needing appliances for my family nd asked them to just drop them in my carport and I would get them upstairs and they did. They said they would come back to pick up my appliances and never did. Got my neighbors to help and unboxed all the appliances and found the stove was damaged - dropped by a forklift I'm told. Called customer service three times that day and waited over an hour on hold to be told I can't be helped. Next day I get a hold of someone, they transfer me to a case worker who gets a new stove to be delivered four days later and assured they will pick up my old appliances and cardboard and styrofoam from the new. Thursday comes around, delivery service shows up 3 1/2 hours late this time. They don't have stove and there to pick up old appliances. Wife calls direct number of case worker and leaves message Wait, they mysteriously find the stove on the truck and deliver, take away the damaged one and cardboard and styrofoam from replacement. Refuse to take cardboard and wrap from appliances delivered prior stating it's not on the order, hey are not taking it. Wife calls case worker again and leaves message. Still not a return call to this day (two wees later) Had to make a special trip to the recycle center in my vehicle. 


Sorry Best Buy, you just lost a great Elite Plus buyer becaue of your delivery and your lousy customer service. Ridiculous.

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Re: Elite Plus member many years and will not spend another penny with Best Buy because of delivery

Hey BliemB,


This does not sound like the type of appliance delivery service one of our customers should be receiving from us, and it certainly does seem like this delivery team could have waiting five more minutes after asking you to wait for hours for them. I can also apologize for the delay in responding to this. Is there anything specific you need from me at this point?



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Re: Elite Plus member many years and will not spend another penny with Best Buy because of delivery

No, nothing more I need from you. The damage is already done and I'm sorry but apoligies just don't make up for horrible customer service. I would suggest that Best Buy hold their final mile delivery carriers more accountable in the future. Their lack of accountability and Best Buys horrible customer service has lost this customer for good. I will be sharing my experience with my entire corporate team at our next meeting as an example of what not to do. You will probably lose another 200 customers after that meeting.